1. September 21st 2015 presentation of the STARS project on the Facultys web page TTFa
  2. Web page of the project STARS started on September 21st 2015:
  3. Agata Vinčić, Editor of the journal TEKSTIL (ISSN 0492-588) No 9-10, pg. 333. Presented project STARS, September 2015
  4. First presentation of the project STARS - oral presentation held by ass. prof. Iva Rezić PhD, PhD „Synthesis and tergeted application of metal nanoparticles“, Technical museum, Zagreb, on the Open day of the Textile Science Research Center, September 23rd 2015
  5. Presentation of the project STARS in „Glasnik AMCA TTF“, No 12, pg. 25. ISSN 1846-6508, December 14th 2015
  6. Presentation of the project STARS in journal „Textile and Design – TEDI“ vol 6., pg. 76
  7. Participation at the conference PRINT.Fest 2016 - meeting with potential industrial partners who are dealing ambalage  March 4th 2016
  8. Participation at the conference CROPACK 2016 May 13th 2016



ACTIVITIES II - New research equipment purchased for new laboratory

1) GF-AAS spectrometer PinAcle 900
2) pH/ORP/ISE system with combined ion selective electrode for ammonia determination
3) Instrument for preparaton of polymer filaments for modeling
4) Sensor for deep detection of dana
5) Instrument for modeling of diffused materials by additive manufacturing (3D printer), Ultimaker 2+
6) Analytical balance KERN AEJ, precision 0.01 mg, five decimal places (0.00001 g)
7) Vortex mixture
8) Eppendorf pipette holder
9) Structure sensor


ACTIVITIES III - Cooperation with industry & other research group
The group is constantly seeking new collaborators, for all information please contact us by mail:


New equipment

Photo of the new equipment

GF-AAS Atomic absorption spectrometry with graphite fournace PinAacle 900*


Portable waterproof pH/ORP/ISE system with selective combined electrode for ammonia

Instrument for preparation of polymer filaments for modeling, Filastruder*


Sensor for deep dana scanning*


Instrument for fusion deposition modeling (aditive technology, 3D printer)
Ultimaker 2+

Analytical balance KERN AEJ, precision 0,01 mg, reading of five decimal places (0.00001 g)

Vortex mixer

Eppendorf research pipetting system