Almae Matris Croaticae Alumni -
Technologiae Textilis Facultatis
Croatian Society
of Alumni and Friends of Faculty of Textile Technology
Croatian Society of Alumni and Friends of the Faculty of Textile Technology (AMCA)
Almae Matris Croaticae Alumni - Technologiae Textilis Facultatis - AMCA TTF

The Croatian Society of Alumni and Friends of Faculty of Textile Technology (here in after AMCA TTF) was founded in May 2004. The founders of the Society of Alumni and Friends were D. Raffaelli, V. Orešković and A. M. Grancarić.
The abbreviation AMA comes from the Latin word Almae Matris Alumni, and indicates the Society of graduate students of a university or universities of a country. The abbreviation AMAC or AMCA comes from the Latin word Almae Matris Croaticae Alumni, indicating an Society of graduate students of Croatia. AMAC Society of Croatia constitute AMAC domus, and those outside Croatia AMAC mundus. The aims of these associations are to build and strengthen ties and cooperation among former students and home faculties, to preserve tradition and promote the reputation of faculties, to develop faculties and profession.
Eleven associations were founded at the University of Zagreb, and active function of AMCA TTF, was also confirmed by the statement of Z. Šeparović, one of the founders of AMAC: "AMCA TTF has accepted and is spreading the philosophy of alumni in the best possible way. In Croatia and in all Alumni philosophy is a very important factor of the prosperity and development of many universities in the world, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. In recent decades, the alumni philosophy has been recognized by many other European institutions of higher education, which previously had not developed this tradition, recognizing that the alumni society is a very important link between universities and their former students, now established citizens in high and responsible positions of the society."
The idea of founding AMCA TTF was initiated by A.M. Grancarić in 2002, who responded to the recommendations of the University of Zagreb to found alumni associations. At the Inaugural Meeting of AMCA TTF the Statute of the Society was passed and the management board was elected as well as committees in accordance with the Statute. Committee for organizing the meetings of the Society members, Committee for informative publications and Committee for assistance in employing members of the Society.
In accordance with the Statue AMCA TTF its stamp and mark. The Society appoints its honorary members and gives acknowledgements for special contributions.

Mark of AMCA TTF of the Society

AMCA TTF is a co-founder of the AMCA Association of the Society of the University of Zagreb. In accordance with its Statue the Association of the AMAC Society has its mark and stamp. Within the Society AMCA TTF has performed its activities from the very beginning. The AMCA team is composed of younger members who perform their different activities distinguishing the presence of AMCA at the Faculty of Textile Technology.



Dragutin Tadijanović:

Long into the night, into the white winter night

Long into the night, into the deaf winter night
My mother weaves white linen

Her bent figure and her graying hair
Poured tears all over her a long time ago

A lamp light from the window covers the yard
Over the falling snow outside

In silence without end, in silence without end
Angels from heaven with gentle hands,

Lower freezing stars down to Earth
Taking care not to awake my darling.

Long into the night, into the bleak winter night
My mother weaves white linen

Oh, my sad mother! Say what is shining
In your eyes

Long into the night, into the white winter night?

In a memory of a poet - Dragutin Tadijanović


The work of the past seven assemblies was attended by the alumni from abroad, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Morocco, Austria, France, New Zealand, Germany, the United States and Canada. At the proposal of the President of the Society A. M. Grancarić, academician Dragutin Tadijanović and Ivan Stamać were proclaimed honorary members, and the song Dugo u noć, bijelu zimsku noć (Long into the night, a white winter night) has become the anthem of the Association.
The Society has had a number of activities and new ideas that are the backbone of this Society. It was is a co–organizer of the scientific NATO workshop (NATO Advance Research Workshop) held in Zadar, September 2005, and a partner in the bilateral project of the Flemish Government and Croatia in the pre–accession assistance program entitled Flemish – Croatian Textile Training Network: T2Net. In 2007 the Society was a co – organizer of Textile Days.
The Society annually publishes the AMCA TTF Journal bringing noteworthy events about the work of the Society AMCA TTF and the Faculty of Textile Technology. The Journal writes about successful members and friends of the Society, Assembly of the Society, sponsors and acknowledgments to those who are responsible for the progress of the Society. It also reports about group excursions of AMCA TTF and AMACIZ. There is also a section Congratulations on jubilees, awards and acknowledgments, graduate students, master’s degree and doctoral degree students of the Faculty of Textile Technology in the current year.
Thanks to a number of gold and silver sponsors, unavoidable costs of the publication of the Journal, mail and other charges have been made possible. Without their help the Society would not be able to realize permanent new ideas (Jadran, Textile printing, Danube-Zagreb, Novatech Ltd, Euroinspekt-Eurotextil, DEMI design and Lotos – from Zagreb, Lio Ltd. from Osijek, Gena Fashion Croatica from Trogir, Čvor from Bjelovar and Viviani, Sotamec Fashion from Tanger (Morocco), B. Džafić, S. Džafić, S. Hotić, V. Barišić and others).


AMCA TTF Assembly




Alumni, especially of textile departments of universities all over the world, we wish to collaborate with you in terms of fellowship, experience exchange and cooperation.

Ana Marija Grancarić

President of AMCA TTF


Vice Dean
Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb
Pierottijeva 6, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: ++ 385 (1) 48 77 360
Fax: ++ 385 (1) 48 77 355
Mobile: ++ 385 91 591 46 37