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Structure and organization of specialist study

Postgraduate specialist studies are organized as part-time studies. Specialist studies have duration of 3 terms (a year and a half), and after its completion at least 90 ECTS credits are obtained. The structure of the specialist studies with the number of courses and belonging credits:

  • six mandatory courses,
  • seven elective mandatory courses and
  • five elective courses.

 Courses   Minimal number of courses   Minimal number of ECTS credits 
Mandatory courses 6 30
Elective mandatory courses 6 30
Elective courses   7,5
Specialist thesis   30

All courses are auditory (mandatory and elective) and are carried out in the form of lectures, exercises, seminars and workshops. All courses of the specialist studies are one-term. Each auditory course consists of 45 hours of classes. The courses of the specialist studies are divided into three categories:

 Mandatory courses - After passing the mandatory courses (6) the candidate acquires fundamental methodological, creative and professional knowledge.

 Elective mandatory courses - They are used for the proliferation of knowledge in the narrower area of specialist students' researches.

 Elective course - They are additionally used for individual professional students' researches.

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