Faculty of Textile Technology
Department of Basic, Natural and Technical Sciences

Head of department: Prof. Željko Šomođi, Ph. D.
Address: Prilaz baruna Filipovića 28a, 10000 Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 3712 552
Fax: +385 1 3712 599
e-mail zeljko.somodi@ttf.hr

Department of Fundamental Natural and Engineering Sciences is one of the organizational units founded by the new Faculty Statute adopted in 2005. It is one of three new departments to improve the work of the Faculty in the realization of the new teaching programs adopted in line with the Bologna principles.

The Department has university teachers, assistants and junior researchers who hold classes in mathematics, thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, physics, information technology and electrical engineering on the faculty premises in Zagreb and Varaždin.

The main goal of the Department is to improve the quality of the teaching process and to organize and to carry out scientific researches within the framework of its specialties.

In addition to the available computer classroom, the Department works on the introduction of new teaching technologies such as computer-based learning and tries to assist the other departments and individuals in using these technologies to a great extent in the teaching processes of the Faculty. The teaching staff of the Department has written a series of university textbooks for the purposes of the teaching programs.

Scientific researches in the field of general inequalities under the guidance of the academician Pečarić are at the top of world achievements in this field.

A wide spectrum of scientific interests of the other Department members includes the following fields: energetics, thermodynamics, energy management in industry, new and renewable energy sources, applied biomechanics and ergonomics, numerical methods in mechanics in use related to the problems and technologies of textiles and clothing, evaluation algorithms and their application.


Staff member Course
Prof. Josip Pečarić, member of academy Mathematics I, Mathematics II, Numerical Methods, Statistics, Selected Topics in Mathematics 
Prof. Goran Hudec, Ph. D. Electrical engineering and electronics, Mesurements and automatic control, Computers in process control 
Prof. Alka Mihelić-Bogdanić, Ph. D. Eenergetics, Technical Thermodynamics, Industrial Energetics, Thermodynamics 
Prof. Budimir Mijović, Ph. D. Composite materials, Mechanics, Mechanisms of textile machinery, Mechanical Material Models, Mechanical Engineering, Rheology 
Prof. Tomislav Rolich, Ph. D. Applied Computing, Computer programming, Computers in bussines, Computing, Computer Langauge for Design, Inteligent Algorithms, Computer Graphics 
Prof. Željko Šomođi, Ph. D. Composite materials, Textile Mechanics, Mechanics, Mechanisms of textile machinery, Mechanical Material Models, Mechanical Engineering, Numerical Methods in Textile Engineering 
Assoc. Prof. Mirna Rodić, Ph. D. Mathematics II, Descriptive Geometry D, Descriptive Geometry, Descriptive Geometry A, Selected Topics in Mathematics 
Assist. Prof. Kristina Krulić Himmelreich, Ph. D. Mathematics I, Statistics, Selected Topics in Mathematics 
Assist. Prof. Karlo Lelas, Ph. D. Physics I, Physics II, Nanostructures 
Emilija Zdraveva, Ph. D.  
Assistant Marija Sorić, B. Sc. Physics I, Physics II 
Junior Researcher Rozarija Mikić, Ph. D.  
Junior Researcher Daniel Domović, M. Sc.  
Research Fellow Ksenija Smoljak Kalamir, Ph. D.