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History of Study and Faculty

The independent study of the textile technology in Croatia started at the beginning of 1960 as a study at the Faculty of Technology in Zagreb (first only textile chemical engineering, later mechanical and clothing engineering) and at three independent colleges of textiles in Duga Resa, Varaždin and Zagreb.

The Junior College of Zagreb started to educate textile and clothing designers in the seventies of the last century. In 1983 the junior colleges were integrated into the Institute of Textile and Clothing (part of the Faculty of Technology at that time). In 1991 the Institute of Textile and Clothing was organized as an independent Institution named Faculty of Textile Technology of the University of Zagreb and became the only higher education Institution in the scientific field of textile technology in Croatia and the only one which is systematically engaged in scientific research work in this field.

The Faculty of Textile Technology was the strongest higher education institution in the field of textiles and clothing in former Yugoslavia based on the concentration of scientific and higher education teaching staff, number of students and possibility of scientific and professional work. Today, it is also one of the leading faculties of this type in Europe, and our diplomas are internationally acknowledged by AUTEX (Association of Universities for Textiles) and Textile Institute Manchester (GB) for the region of Commonwealth and the USA.

Deans of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Texile Technology

karaman soljacic katovic
Dean Prof. Boris Karaman, Ph.D.
(1991 – 1995)
Dean Prof. Ivo Soljačić, Ph.D.
(1995 – 1998)
Dean Prof. Drago Katović, Ph.D.
(1998 – 2002)
rogale ujevic  
Dean Prof. Dubravko Rogale, Ph.D.
(2002 – 2006)
Dean Prof. Darko Ujević, Ph.D.
(2006 – 2012)

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