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Course: Smart materials
Teachers in charge Ph. D. Edita Vujasinović, Prof.
Ph. D. Ružica Brunšek, Assist. Prof.
Study, Module Textile Technology and Engineering - graduate, Module Textile Chemistry, Materials and Ecology
Course summary 2 (2+0+0)
Knowledge verification preliminary exam
Lecture type lectures
Subject content This is an introduction to smart materials and their application in diferent industrial products. The properties and processing of smart fibres and textile materials will be reviewed. Specific topics will include the electro-spinning of fibres, electro-active polymer materials, fibres for thermal regulation, smart gels, shape memory alloys, piezoelectric polymers, and polymers for nonlinear optical applications as well as some basic knowledge of the state of the art in characterization techniques, and the evaluation of such materials.
Aim of course Students will become familiar with recent advances in textiles materials (fibers and fabrics) that respond to an environmental excitation by changing one or more of their properties.
Literature necessary for course Tao Xiaoming: Smart fibres, fabrics and clothing, Woodhead Pub. Ltd., UK 2001; ISBN 185573 5466
Mukhopadhyay S.K.: Advances in Fibre Science, Textile Institute Manchester, UK 1992; ISBN 1 870812 37 9
Raheel M.: Protective clothing systems and materials, Marcel Dekker Inc. New York, USA 1994; ISBN 0-8247-9118-5
Supplement literature Toshinari Nakajima: Advanced fiber spinning technology, Woodhead Pub. Ltd., UK 1994; ISBN 1 85573 182 7
Ball Philip: Made to Measure - New Materials for the 21st Century, Princeton University Press, USA 1997; ISBN 0-691-02733-1
Addington M., Schodek D.L.: Smatr Materials and Technologies in Architecture, Architectural Press, UK 2004; ISBN 075 066 2255
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