Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Knitting II

Teachers in charge
Study, Module Textile Technology and Engineering - graduate, Module Engineering Design and Management of Textiles
Course summary 3 (2+1+0)
Knowledge verification writing exam
Precondition for testing Knitting
Lecture type lectures, practice
Exercise type audio practice
Subject content Knitted loop shape and loop length control. Knitted fabric relaxation and shrinkage. Weft and warp knitted fabric geometry. Density and tightness factor. Phenomenon ""robbing back"". Cam for high-speed knitting. The cadratex unit. Linear and unlinear cam. The ""contra"" knitting technique. Sinker and needle timing. Problem of warp let-off.
Aim of course Besides of basic knowledge got earlier this course will introduce students to specific subjects describing some scientific aspect of knitting technology. It will help them to understand better some parts of knitting that are more complicated. It will be good starting position for postgraduate study of knitting and textile as well.
Literature necessary for course David J Spencer: Knitting Technology, Pergamon Press, UK, 1989
Samuel Raz: Warp Knitting Production, Verlag Melliand Textilberichte GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany, 1987
Supplement literature L. Kudriavin: Laboratory practice in knitting technology, Mir Publishers Moscow, 1985