Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Woven fabric designing

Teachers in charge Ph. D. Željko Penava, Assoc. Prof.
Study, Module Textile Technology and Engineering - undergraduate, Module Engineering Design and Management of Textiles
Course summary 4 (2+2+0)
Knowledge verification writing exam, oral exam
Precondition for testing Program
Lecture type lectures, practice
Exercise type audio practice, workshops
Subject content Division of fabrics into groups depending on loom types. Processing of pattern design by classic and shortened drawing. Development of pattern creating of fabrics woven on dobby and jacquard machine. Damasc fabric design on dobby by dobby and jacquard weaving with shortened drawing of the pattern design. Design of two- and three-weft fabric and two- and three-warp fabrics and possible pattern creating depending on the loom type. Design of holow and double fabrics. Coordination of patterns and efects by combining weave and colors in warp and weft in hollow and double fabrics. Fabric design accroding to loom types in shortened form: plush, velvet, terry. gobelin, leno fabric and carpet.
Aim of course Acquisition of knowledge of fabric recognition according to manfacturing process and application. Knowledge of fabric design according to their application, weaving specificity and complexity. Development of skills for making weaving pattern and weaving based on the development stage of weaving machines. Crative abilities and ideas in fabric manufacturing.
Literature necessary for course Dufek J.: Vazby žaharskih tkanina, SPN Praha, 1967
Staengle H.E.: Jacquardgewebe I, II, III, IV, Komadin rezlog, R. Kohlman, Stuttgart, 1955
Jakšić D.: Projektiranje in konstrukcija teksitlija, NTF, odelek za tekstilstvo, Ljubljana, 1988
Supplement literature Orešković V., Hađina J.: Vezovi i konstrukcija tkanina listovnog tkanja, Skripta, VTŠ Bihać, 1982