Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: New Polymer Fibres

Teachers in charge Ph. D. Ružica Brunšek, Assist. Prof.
Ph. D. Edita Vujasinović, Prof.
Study, Module Textile Technology and Engineering - graduate, Module Textile Chemistry, Materials and Ecology
Course summary 3 (2+0+1)
Knowledge verification preliminary exam, oral exam
Precondition for testing Fibres I
Lecture type lectures, seminars
Exercise type seminars
Subject content Conceptual definition, nomenclature and identification of new polymer fibres. Directives for the development of fibres from conventional and unconventional sources. Fibres from chemically modified conventional polymers, new polymers, and new inorganic fibres. Synthetic fibres from unconventional natural sources. Fibre properties related to type and chemical structure. Interdependence of fibre micro- and macrostructure, their properties and application. Product types and commercial nomenclature.
Aim of course A critical attitude to various new polymer fibre types is developed. Contemporary overview of unconventional fibre sources, possibility of their production and appropriateness of new fibre types. Vision of future development of fibres for high-quality products with new properties. Widened knowledge on fibre structure and properties enable further improvement in the field of fibre science and a basis for postgraduate studies. The student is stimulated for acquaintance of additional knowledge through project work.
Literature necessary for course R.Čunko, M.Andrassy: Vlakna, sveučilišni udžbenik, ZRINSKI d.d., Čakovec, 2005.
T.Hongu, G.O.Philips: New Fibres, Ellis Horwood, NewYork, 1997
Selection of form domestic and international papers
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