Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Drawing of Historical Costume

Teachers in charge academic painter – graphic artist Marin Sovar, Lecturer
Suradnici: B. Sc. Sandra Škaro, Assistant
Study, Module Textile and Fashion Design - undergraduate, Module Textile Design
Textile and Fashion Design - undergraduate, Module Fashion Design
Course summary 4 (1+3+0)
Knowledge verification preliminary exam
Precondition for testing regular attendance, map of drawings
Lecture type lectures, practice
Exercise type workshops
Subject content Content of the course is through drawing exercise reconstruction of costume and textile through history. With drawing and painting techniques students are discovering form, texture and colors of costumes as well as textile patterns from early antiques times till 21. century.
Aim of course The main development of common and specific competences of this course is to provide the skills of recognizing and reconstructing historical costume and to advance individual free thinking.
Literature necessary for course A History of Costume in the West, Francois Boucher, Thames and Hudson, 1987.
The Book of Costume, Millia Davenport, Crown Publishers Inc., ISBN 0-517-037165, 1948.
The Chronicle of Western Costume, Thames and Hudson, 1991.