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Course: Clothing Construction I

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Teachers in charge Ph. D. Darko Ujević, Prof.
Study, Module Textile and Fashion Design - undergraduate, Module Fashion Design
Course summary 3 (1+2+0)
Knowledge verification preliminary exam
Precondition for testing Regular attendance of practice, verified exercises, verified program
Lecture type lectures, practice
Exercise type audio practice
Subject content Standards (ISO and EN). Anthropometric characteristics and anatomy. Measures for garment construction and modelling, analysis and taking measurements. Construction of men's shirt. Construction of men's pyjamas. Construction of men's trousers. Construction of men's waistcoat. Enlargement and recduction of cuts. Cutting patterns.
Aim of course Familiarization with the characteristics of construction preparation. Significance of the application of adequate standards. Familiarization with comparative computer application and contemporary computer sysstems in clothing industry. Methods of determining bodily measures and its use in clothing construction. Competences and complete knowledge of the construction of men's, ladies' and children's wear. Trends in clothing construction.
Literature necessary for course Ujević D., Rogale D., Hrastinski M.: Tehnike konstruiranja i modeliranja odjeće, Sveučilišni udžbenik, Zrinski Čakovec, 2000.
Ujević D., Rogale D., Hrastinski M.: Tehnike konstruiranja i modeliranja odjeće - II prošireno i dopunjeno izdanje, Sveučilišni
udžbenik, Zrinski Čakovec, 2004.
Supplement literature Časopis Rundschau