Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Creativity in Clothing III A

Teachers in charge academic painter Paulina Jazvić, Assoc. Prof. Art.
Suradnici: Ivana Mrčela, Part-time Assistant
Study, Module Textile and Fashion Design - undergraduate, Module Fashion Design
Course summary 3 (1+2+0)
Knowledge verification oral exam
Precondition for testing Portfolio
Lecture type lectures, practice
Exercise type workshops
Subject content Working out of shapes according to imagination and reality. Analytical-critical approach towards the clothing design in order to accomplish more complicated artistic-creative problems. Encouraging the individual ablitities. The research of new clothing shapes and compositions.
Aim of course By solving more complicated artistic-creative problems the student becomes competent in investigating the new clothing shapes and for independent work.
Literature necessary for course Matko Peić - Pristup likovnom djelu
Itten - Umjetnost boja
Different books and magazines from the field of art, the history of textile and clothing, folclore, nature, design, environment and textile design
Supplement literature Visiting fashion shows, fairs, exhibitions, museums, textile and clothing industry.