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Course: Fashion Design - Collection I
Teachers in charge mr. art. Jasminka Končić, Assoc. Prof.
Suradnici: teacher in visual culture Josipa Štefanec, Assistant
Study, Module Textile and Fashion Design - graduate, Module Fashion Design
Course summary 5 (1+4+0)
Knowledge verification oral exam
Lecture type lectures, practice
Exercise type audio practice, workshops
Subject content Each student developes a collection of design as Specialisation Design Project: studies seasonal ( spring/summer ) fashion designs in cotton or cotton-type fabrics, for women or / and men. The lectures provide information on fashion system, trends, meaning and cultural aspects of fashion, reality of world market, structure of the industry, etc. The elements of design collection and their interpretation through fashion sketches are important: design grouping, design detail, silhouette, fabrication and color, accessories. One ( or more ) of original design projects in fabric is executed and presented or photographed on a model. Written and oral reports. Portfolio of the collection is prepared and presented to review.
Aim of course Each student developes a collection in an individualized area of fashion design. New trends and styles in fashion collections currently showing in Milan-Paris-London are studied and interpreted into original designs. Students give basic silhouette as a contemporary personal interpretation of the theme and offer the basis of future-oriented fashion collection.
Literature necessary for course Sharon Lee Tate: Inside Fashion Design, Harper & row P., New York, 1977.
Valerie Steele: Fifty Years of Fashion, Yale U. P., New York, 1997.
S. E. Braddock, M. O'Mahony: Techno Textiles, Th. & H., London, 1998.
Colin McDowell: Fashion Today, Phaidon, London, 2000
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