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Course: Fashion Performance
Teachers in charge Ph. D. Žarko Paić, Assoc. Prof.
Study, Module Textile and Fashion Design - graduate, Module Theory and Culture of Fashion
Course summary 4 (2+2+0)
Knowledge verification writing exam, oral exam
Precondition for testing Lectures, literature, seminars, workshops, participation in fashion and art exibitions and and museum events
Lecture type lectures, seminars
Exercise type audio practice, workshops, seminars
Subject content The concept of performance; Art of performance and fashion; Presentation of the body; Spece and inscenation; Art of installation and fashion; Temporality of event and rhytmus of fashion; Theatralisation and light; Presency and representation of fashion; Liminality and transformation of the body; Inscenation and aesthetical experience in the theater; Total artwork, event-art; Fashion events, presentations; Conceptual art and fashion; Performance and fashion styles; Inscenation of the space in fashion spectacle.
Aim of course The course open the possibilities of contemporary approcah to theory of contemporary performance in art and installation with special attention to discourse of fashion performance. Fashion design open a horizon to new metadiscours applying to postmodern type of man. The topic has to be studied intends to realise close connection with tendencies of world art events and contemporary design such as Documenta Kassel, Venice biennale, TRANSMEDIALE in Berlin. In this perspective students realise the potencial of new knowledge about fashion performance with working together and trying to response the critical voices from theoreticians of contemporary art and design, curators, artists and institutions od fashion events at home and abroad.
Literature necessary for course Cvitan-Černelić, M., Bartlett, Dj., Vladislavić, A.T., (ed.), FASHION: HISTORY, SOCIOLOGY AND FASHION THEORY, Školska knjiga, Zagreb, 2002.
Gofmann, E., PRESENTATION OF SELF IN EVERY DAY LIFE, Penguin Books, 1959.
Mathis, C.M./Connor, H.V., THE TRIUMPH OF INDIVIDUAL STYLE, Timeless ED., London, 1993.
Fischer-Lichte, E., AESTHETIK OF PERFORMANCE, Suhrkamp, Frankfurt am Main, 2004.
Phelan, P., UNMARKED: THE POLITICS OF PERFORMANCE, Routledge, London, 1993.
Supplement literature Carlson, M., PERFORMANCE: A CRITICAL INTRODUCTION, Routledge, London, 1996.
Debord, G., THE SOCIETY OF SPECTACLE, Arkzin, Zagreb, 1999.
Michaud, Y., TRIUMPH OF AESTHETICS, Naklada Ljevak, Zagreb, 2004.
Mersch, D., EVENT AND AURA, Suhrkamp, Frankfurt am Main, 2002.
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