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Course: Presentation of Textile Products
Teachers in charge Ph. D. Krešimir Purgar, Assist. Prof.
Suradnici: Ph. D. Alica Grilec, Assist. Prof.
Study, Module Textile and Fashion Design - graduate, Module Textile Design
Course summary 4 (1+3+0)
Knowledge verification preliminary exam
Precondition for testing Portfolio
Lecture type lectures, practice
Exercise type workshops
Subject content The solving of reali situations on the basis of theoretical knowledge that the student apply in the rotating teams. The models of planning, the principles and the process of worknig out the communicational project - collecting information, the tools of planning, the psychology of the buyer, communicational courses (indirect and direct), communicational tools.
Aim of course The course gives the student the possibility to realise the real situation at presenting the textile product on the market. On the basis of the basic analysis and definition of his aims the student is ready to develop the main communicational plan in different approaches with the market-buyer and to lead him to the practical usage, i.e. production.
Literature necessary for course The Effective Advertiser - Tom Brannan
Advertising - Frank Jefkins
Supplement literature Jonas Ridderstrale, Kjell A.Nordstrom - Funnky businnes
The choice of articles from Croatian and foreign literature - Communication Arts
Visiting factories, printing studios, publishing houses, marketing agencies etc.
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