Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Chemistry of Dyes

Teachers in charge Ph. D. Šuršica Parac-Osterman, Prof. Emeritus
Ph. D. Livio Racane, Assoc. Prof.
Study, Module Textile Technology and Engineering - graduate, Module Textile Chemistry, Materials and Ecology
Course summary 3 (2+0+1)
Knowledge verification writing exam
Precondition for testing
Lecture type lectures, seminars
Exercise type seminars
Subject content Colour of organic compounds: basic concepts of colour, quantum chemical methods for description of light absorption by organic compounds, fluorescence and phosphorescence. Correlations between the chemical structures of molecules and their colour, influence of the substituents on the colour of the molecules. Polymethine, triarylmethine, nitro and nitroso, azo, antraquinone, phthalocyanine, carbonyl, sulfur dyes. Stability of dyes and structure. Metal complex dyes: influence of metal on colour and complex stability. Stability of dyes: atmospheric conditions and polution (UV light, ozone). Ecology and toxicology of dyes-ISO standard. Thermo-, photo- and electro- sensitive dyes. Dyes for specific application in chemistry, medicine, nano technology and composite materials.
Aim of course This educational course of narrower domain is enabling the students to link and integrate their universal knowledge of the molecular structure and physical and chemical properties of molecules to the claimed characteristics of the dyestuff. Students are enlarging their competence in selecting of dyes, with regard to its colours, materials and appliance, as well as its toxicity and environmental protection, considering the latest ecological standards.
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