Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Methods of Textile Making I

Teachers in charge Ph. D. Ivana Salopek Čubrić, Assoc. Prof.
Study, Module Textile and Fashion Design - graduate, Module Textile Design
Course summary 4 (1+3+0)
Knowledge verification preliminary exam
Precondition for testing Regular attendance of lectures
Lecture type lectures
Exercise type audio practice, laboratory practice, workshops
Subject content Division and count system of yarns. Fibres for the production of yarns. Routes and techniques for the production of yarns. Construction parameters of spun, plied, cabled and filament yarns. Yarn twist. Structure and properties of ring-spun, rotor-spun, cover, aerodynamic and friction yarns. Fancy yarns. Yarns with new properties. Yarn quality parameters. Practical yarn manufacturing on the ring and rotors spinning machines. Spinning twisted yarn on the hollow spindle spinning machine. Fibres for manufacturing nonwovens. Methods of manufacturing nonwovens. Structure and properties of nonwovens. Nonwovens with specific technical parameters and properties.
Aim of course The aim of the course is to study basic routes of manufacturing yarns of cotton, wool and staple man-made fibres and blends of natural and man-made fibres. The student studies construction yarn and nonwoven parameters as well their basic finishing treatments.
Literature necessary for course McCreight D. J., R. W. Feil, J. H. Booterbaugh, E. E. Backe: Short staple yarn manufacturing, Woodhead Publishing Limited, 1999
Albrecht W., H. Fuchs, W. Kittelmann: Nonwoven Fabrics, WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH&Co.KgaA, Weinheim, 2003
Supplement literature Articles published in the Textile Journal, Zagreb
Articles from Technical Encyclopedia: Fibres, Spinning
Grupa autora: Teksitlni priručnik, Tekstilni inštitut, Maribor