Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Dyeing

Teachers in charge Ph. D. Šuršica Parac-Osterman, Prof. Emeritus
Study Textile Art - postgraduate specialist
Course summary 45
Knowledge verification preliminary exam
Lecture type lectures
Exercise type laboratory practice
Subject content Textile dyeing through out the history. Synthetic and natural dyestuff dyeing. Selection of dyestuff for natural and synthetic fibres. Influence of pH and auxiliaries in multicolour dyeing from the same dyebath. Dyestuff selection for knotting and other techniques of dyeing. Fluorescent and fosforescent dyestuff. Room temperature dyeing, selection of dyestuff. Dyestuff development on fibre.
Aim of course Within lectures and laboratory practice, student acquires knowledge of old techiques of dyeing and also of special printing methods for achieving special efectcs. Student also acquires certain self estim in personal creative expression.
Literature necessary for course J. Storey; Dyes Fabrics, Thames and Hudson, New York 1992.
Š. Parac-Osterman; Osnove bojadisanja i tiska, Interna skripta TTF, Zagreb 2002.