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Course: Aestethics of Textile
Teachers in charge Ph. D. Žarko Paić, Assoc. Prof.
Gostujući profesori
Study Textile Art - postgraduate specialist
Course summary 30
Knowledge verification oral exam
Lecture type lectures
Exercise type seminars
Subject content The idea of aesthetics, the items of aesthetical approach and the distinguishing of aesthetic approach to art and design. The question of the material in manufacture of the work of art. The release of textile material in art. The creative potential of textile in art through history, its inclusion as an additional artefact in the works of art and the individual phenomena of the works of art, manufactured of textile materials. The aesthetics of textile art creations from wall-papers over carpets and tapestry to the authentic artistic textile compositions, graphics, plastic objects, installations etc. The modern abandoning of classical cannons of beauty in art and design. The possibilities and creative potentials of widening of textile art and design in modern life.
Aim of course The aim of the course is to give the student in special studies the possibility of historical research and insight in modern usage of textile, textile materials and fibres in textile design and production of works of art. The most important is to research the aesthetic and artistic and creative dimensions of textile art. The course will be oriented both on theoretical and practical research and approach of design, especially textile and fashion design and visual art in a modern society of spectacle.
Literature necessary for course Chapters from manuals of aesthetics, monographies about history of arts, relevant fashion magazines for textile design and textile art.
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