Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Creation of Textile I

Teachers in charge
Study Textile Art - postgraduate specialist
Course summary 45
Knowledge verification seminar
Precondition for testing Attending the course and map with drawings
Lecture type lectures, practice
Subject content The work of art, textile as an artistic medium, using of textile materials and techniques: traditional, modern and alternative. The research and experimenting with techniques and materials. The sources of ideas and their encouragement.The materialization of the ideas: sketches and twodimensional works of art made by using textile as a medium.
Aim of course The comprehension of textile as a medium that is used in art creation. The students in special studies should search for their personal individual art expression through textile medium in two dimensions.
Literature necessary for course Constantine & Reuter: Whole Cloth
All the other references the mentor adjusts the individual interests of each student in special studies.