Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Art Research of Haute Couture History

Teachers in charge Nina Režek-Wilson, Prof.
Study Haute Couture (High Fashion) - postgraduate specia...
Course summary 30
Knowledge verification preliminary exam, seminar
Precondition for testing seminar work and map with drawings
Lecture type lectures, seminars, practice
Subject content Through historical view from Worth's days till today the haute couture clothing is artistically reconstructerd and through chosen theme in seminar the student researches the time and the creator.
Aim of course The aim of this course is that the student in special studies gets the basis for his creative development through historical view of world's creators of haute couture and its artistic reconstruction.
Literature necessary for course Radical Fashion ,Claire Wilcox,V&E Publications
Black in Fashion,Valerie Mendes,V&E Publications
Fashion,The collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute