Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Nanostructures

Teachers in charge Ph. D. Karlo Lelas, Assist. Prof.
Study Textile Science and Technology - postgraduate
Course summary 30
Knowledge verification preliminary exam, writing exam, oral exam, seminar
Precondition for testing Attending lectures, seminars and audio practices
Lecture type lectures, seminars, practice
Exercise type audio practice, laboratory practice, seminars
Subject content Introduction to nanoworld. Nanosystems. Molecular mechanics and nanostructures. Nanotechnology and various applications. Physical properties of smart materials. Smart fibers, sheets, polymers and smart structures.
Aim of course To introduce students to nanotechnology and to emphasize the importance of understanding the physical basis and engineering applications of phenomena at the nanoscale in textile industry.
Literature necessary for course K. Eric Drexler: Nanosystems: molecular machinery, manufacturing, and computation, Wiley Interscience, 1992.
Gregory Timp: Nanotecnology, Springer, 1999.
M. V. Gandhi and B. S. Thomson: Smart materials and structures, Chapman & Hall, London 1992.