Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Project for Haute Couture - Workshop I

Teachers in charge Ph. D. Irena Šabarić, Assist. Prof.
Study Haute Couture (High Fashion) - postgraduate specia...
Course summary 45
Knowledge verification oral exam
Precondition for testing map with drawings and realized model
Lecture type lectures, practice
Subject content The research of the prototypes in haute couture. The specificity of projects in haute couture. The elements of project in men's and women's haute couture. The project according to the types of material. The project of individual clothing article. The project of authoring collection of haute couture. The practice is thematically connected with the contents from lectures and is carried out as individual teaching.
Aim of course To qualify the student in special studies to get the knowledge and skills in projecting the most complex tasks on the field of realization of clothing for haute couture.
Literature necessary for course Bertin,Celia:Haute Couture, Paris 1956.
Bradfield, Nancy: Costume in Detail,1730-1930.,London 2.,1981
Balmain, Pierre: My Years and Seasons, Paris 1968.