Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Structures and Properties of Nonwovens

Teachers in charge Ph. D. Zenun Skenderi, Prof.
Ph. D. Dragana Kopitar, Assist. Prof.
Study Textile Science and Technology - postgraduate
Course summary 30
Knowledge verification writing exam, seminar
Lecture type lectures
Exercise type laboratory practice, seminars
Subject content Types and fields of usage of nonvowens. Raw materials for nonwoven manufacturing. Basic functions of nonwoven fabric. Manufacturing technologies of nonvowen fabrics. Isotropic and unisotropic nonvowen fabric structures. Structures and technical-technological parameters of web made by mechanical, aerodynamical as well as spunbond web forming processes. Methods of web bonding. Composit structures based on nonwoven fabrics. Testing methods of nonvowen fabrics.
Aim of course The aim of the course is that the students acquire practical and theoretical knowledge of designing the nonwoven fabric in different fields used, especially in civil engineering, protection, defence as well as medicine.
Literature necessary for course Albrecht W.,H. Fuchs, W.Kittelmann:Nonwoven Fabrics,WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co.KGaA, Weinheim, 2003
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