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Course: Psychosociology of Haute Couture
Teachers in charge Ph. D. Äarko PaiŠ, Assoc. Prof.
Study Haute Couture (High Fashion) - postgraduate specia...
Course summary 45
Knowledge verification oral exam
Precondition for testing literature, seminar work, attendance of lectures
Lecture type lectures, seminars
Exercise type audio practice, seminars
Subject content Psychosociological explanation of the phenomenon of haute couture in contemporary society. Sociologists of culture in luxury society. Houte couture and new bourgeoisie. Life styles of social elites. Houte couture as an expression and autonomous area of taste in contemporary society. Types of haute couture and its users. Art Deco. Dandy and its metamorphosis today. Fashion journals and haute couture. Changes of taste and democratization of glamour. Life styles of new social elites. Hedonism, narcissism, anomie. Psychoanalysis and haute couture.
Aim of course Haute couture has not disappeared by democ. of fashion and penetration of anti-fashion and street styles into life styles of postmodern culture. As an integral part of fragmentation and pluralization of life styles it has its own codes, psychosociological resources of renewal and consolidation as a cultural sign of time of new identities of social elites. The course tends to investigate and direct students to the analysis of psych. and socio.phenomena of continuity and methamorphosis of haute couture in the world of spectacles.
Literature necessary for course Malossi, G., (ur.) La regola estrosa, Milano, 1993.
Peacock, J., 20th Century Fashion, London, 1993.
Cvitan-╚erneliŠ, M.,/Bartlett,Gj./VladislaviŠ,A.T. (prir.), Moda: povijest, sociologija i teorija mode, Zagreb, 2002.
Battersby, M., Art Deco Fashion, London, 1994.
Drake, N., The Fifties in Vogue, London, 1987.
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