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Course: Fashionable Knitwear
Teachers in charge Ph. D. Zlatko Vrljičak, Prof.
Study Textile Art - postgraduate specialist
Course summary 45
Knowledge verification writing exam, oral exam, seminar
Precondition for testing Passing grade of the seminar
Lecture type lectures, seminars, practice
Exercise type audio practice, laboratory practice, seminars
Subject content Knit fabric construction for making knitwar. New techniques of knit fabric making. New technolgical processes of making knitwear. New machine constructions for making knitwear. Contemporary technological-economical methods for making fashionable knitwear. Manufacture of seamless outer knitwear such as sweaters, cardigans, trousers, skirts, waistcoats, dresses and the like. Production of fashionable knitwear such as undershirts, panties, underpants, bras, socks, bodies, ladies' stockings and the like. Yarns for the manufacture of fasionable underwear. Elastic knitted fabrics for the production of fashionable knitwear. Technologica-economical planning of manufacturing fashionable knitwear. Material prices. Operation costs of machines and automata. Production costs. Selling prices of fashionable knitwear. Sales of fashionable knitwear.
Aim of course Students become familiar with contemporary technologies of knitwear manufacturing. Yarns, machines and knitted fabrics for manufacturing fashinable knitwear. Planning of manufacturing seamless knitwear and knitwear with reduced number of seams. After passing the exam the student should know how to recognize the technological and economical difference between the classic and contemporary method of making fashionable knitwear.
Literature necessary for course Weber P.-K. und Weber M.: Wirkerei und Strickerei, Deutsche Fachverlag GmbH, Frankfurt am Main 2004
Published articles: Tekstil - Zagreb, Tekstilec - Ljubljana, Melliandtextilberichte - Germany, Kniting Technology etc.
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