Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Theory of Fashion

Teachers in charge Ph. D. Žarko Paić, Assoc. Prof.
Study Fashion Theory and Body Design - postgraduate
Course summary 45
Knowledge verification writing exam, oral exam
Precondition for testing Attendance at lectures and participation in seminars
Lecture type lectures, seminars
Exercise type audio practice, seminars
Subject content Historical source of clothes and fashion clothes; Relationship between body and clothes; Contemporary transformations of body (cyborg, genetic engineering, cloning, body and gender, aesthetics of body, fragmentation of body…); Preview of fashion theories; Contemporary aesthetics of fashion; Aesthetics of spectacle; New aesthetic hedonism and lyfestyles; Deliberating fashion; Style Surfing: The Logic of fashion changes; Fashion, personality and identity.
Aim of course The course is interdisciplinary approach to study of fashion system and fashion phenomena in postmodern culture. Fashion theory include very different humanistic and social sciences (cultural studies, anthropology, psychoanalysis and sociology of fashion). The main goal is understanding and critical thinking on contemporary reality where the fashion play crucial role.
Literature necessary for course Galović,The Fashion, Zagreb, 2001.
Cvitan-Černelić,M./Bartlett,Gj./Vladislavić,A.T. (ed.) The Fashion: History, Sociology and Fashion Theory, Zagreb, 2002.
Bartlett, Gj. (ed), The Body in Transition, Zagreb, 2000.
Barthes, R., The Fashion System, New York, 1985.
Lipovetzky, G., Empire of Fashion, Paris, 1987.
Malcolm Barnard, Fashion as Communication, Routledge, London,  2001