Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Biodegradable Fibres

Teachers in charge Ph. D. Edita Vujasinović, Prof.
Study Textile Science and Technology - postgraduate
Course summary 30
Knowledge verification oral exam, seminar
Precondition for testing Fibres I
Lecture type lectures
Exercise type audio practice, seminars
Subject content The goals and challenges of biodegradable polymers in environmental engineering. Systematization of natural and synthetic biodegradable fibres according to chemical composition and characteristic properties. Conventional biodegradable fibres from polysaccharides, proteins, polyurethane, polyethers, polyesters and polyanhydrides. Fibres from biomass, fibre products of micro organisms and insects. Fibre products of genetically modified organisms. Production, structure and characterization of biopolymers. Possibilities of structure/property relation programming. Predictable properties of biodegradable fibres. Stability and factors of fibre decomposition. Fibre decomposition evaluation methods. Usage properties and application of biodegradable polymers; vision of future development of fibres for biodegradable products.
Aim of course A critical attitude towards various new kinds of biodegradable fibres is developed. Contemporary overview of nonconventional fibre sources, possibilities of their production and appropriateness. The obtained knowledge may be applied to make concepts or to initialize tasks that will generate new knowledge, applications and understanding in the field of textile engineering.
Literature necessary for course Blackburn R. S.: Biodegradable and sustainable fibres, Woodhead Publishing Limited , UK, 2005
čunko R., Andrassy M.: Fibres (Vlakna), Sveučilišni udžbenik, ZRINSKI d.d., čakovec, 2005