Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Presentational Practicum

Teachers in charge Ph. D. Krešimir Purgar, Assist. Prof.
Suradnici: Ph. D. Alica Grilec, Assist. Prof.
Study, Module Textile and Fashion Design - undergraduate, Module Textile Design
Textile and Fashion Design - undergraduate, Module Fashion Design
Course summary 4 (2+2+0)
Knowledge verification preliminary exam
Precondition for testing Presentational portfolio
Lecture type lectures, practice
Exercise type workshops
Subject content The basic definition of the presentation of textile. The principles of communication with the market-buyer. The definition of the product according to which the communication is made. The communication of designer as trade-mark. The communication of the designer's product - retail, wholesale, direct and indirect. The communication of designer as a consultant for the image. Advertising. Promotional materials. Marketing PR. Direct post. The promotion of sale. Events.
Aim of course The course enables the student to learn the basis of communication with the market and within that to see himself as a product or a producer using his skills, knowledge and abilities. The student also learns about the communication and he cah produce any of the elements of communication independently and directly.
Literature necessary for course The Effective Advertiser - Tom Brannan
Advertising - Frank Jefkins
Supplement literature Jonas Ridderstrale, Kjell A.Nordstrom - Funnky businnes
The choice of articles from Croatian and foreign literature - Communication Arts