Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Thermodynamics

Teachers in charge Ph. D. Alka Mihelić-Bogdanić, Prof.
Course summary 4 (2+0+2)
Knowledge verification preliminary exam, writing exam, oral exam
Precondition for testing Exam in Mathematics I.
Lecture type lectures
Exercise type audio practice
Subject content Thermodynamic definitions;basic parameters;Clapeyron's equation;heat and energy parameters;first and second law,reversibility, irreversibility; Carnot and thermal efficiency, refrigerating factor;exergy, anergy;perfect gases, polytropic processes, Zeuner's general equation, relationships between characteristic parameters;equipments and industrial application;real gases:liquid state, heat charts,tables,fundamental processes,throttling,application; humid air:thermodynamic properties, characteristic expressions, h,d chart,processes, appllication;compression, expansion, processes, use; cycle processes:kinds,efficiency,application; vapor cycles:basic, efficiencies, optimization, plants;cooling:processes, plants; heat pump; heat transfer: conduction, convection, radiation.
Aim of course The program includes familiarizing with the fundamentals of thermodynamics being the basis of all tecnical branches including textiles. It is impossible to understand technological processes without knowing fundamental sciences.Based on essential principles, the aim is to facilitate the subsequent study and the work in engineering practice.
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