Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Textile for ultraviolet radiation protection

Teachers in charge Ph. D. Antoneta Tomljenović, Assoc. Prof.
Study Textile Science and Technology - postgraduate
Course summary 30
Knowledge verification oral exam, seminar
Precondition for testing
Lecture type lectures
Subject content Atmospheric changes and thinning of the Earth's ozone layer. Spectum of Solar radiation. Influence of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on human health. Ways of protection against UV radiation. Testing and labelling of textiles UV protective efficiency. Types of UV-protective textiles: UV protective clothing, hedwear, sunshades - fixed and portable for personal protection. Functional requirements: fabrics functionality; functional design of finished products. Relevant elements for obtaining UV protective textiles: UV protective properties of fibres; modification of synthetic fibers with the purpose of improving the UV protection; influence of fabric construction; influence of fabrics multiple-layering, creasing and surface irregularities; unconventional treatments of fabrics (ultrasound, microwave, laser); functional finishing - UV absorbing finishes, functionalisation with inorganic nanoparticles; the impact of wearing and care on the durability of UV protective textiles efficiency. Functional design of the finished products - requirements for the coverage of the body: design and model of UV protective clothing, protective headwear, sunshades.
Aim of course Understanding of all relevant factors essential for designing of UVprotective textiles. Acquiring knowledge about the specific requirements on quality, testing and evaluation of various UV protective fabrics and finished products.
Literature necessary for course Bischof Vukušić, S.: Functional protective Textiles, Faculty of Textile Tecnology, University of Zagreb, ISBN-978-953-7105-45-7, Zagreb, 2012
Elsner, P., Hatch, K. Wigger-Alberti, W.: Textiles and the Skin, Karger AG, ISBN 3-8055-7438-X, Basel, 2003
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