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Course: Creativity in Technology and Design
Teachers in charge Ph. D. Ivana Salopek ╚ubriŠ, Assoc. Prof.
Study Textile Science and Technology - postgraduate
Course summary 30
Knowledge verification oral exam, seminar
Lecture type lectures, seminars, practice
Exercise type seminars
Subject content The fundamental determinants of generic skills and classification according to ModEs (Modernizing higher education through soft skills). The European Commission guidelines for the development of generic skills - "A New Skills Agenda for Europe". Analysis of generic skills and an overview of initiatives. Creativity as key skill in textile technology and design.
The concept of the creative process - analysis of developed models and stages of the process. Key differences between the design process and the creative process. Methods for stimulating creativity (6-3-5 method, biomimicry, methods 9 squares, basic and reverse brainstorming, collaborative schetching/C - sketches, Delphi method, Scamper method). Application of methods for stimulation of creativity in resolving specific problems that arise in the design and production of textiles.
Defining SAGRADA model (SAmpling, GRAding, Displaying and Acknowledging) and overview of the main stages. Application of SAGRADA model to evaluate creativity in design and technology. Use of information and communication technologies for measurement, assessment, standardization and evaluation of creativity, focusing on the possibilities and constraints.
Aim of course The scientific approach to understanding creativity as important generic skills in technology and design.
The development of a critical attitude towards the methods of stimulation of creativity and application of models for its evaluation.
Literature necessary for course Cropley, D. H.: Creativity in Engineering: Novel Solutions to Complex Problems (Explorations in Creativity Research), Elsevier, 2015., ISBN 978-0-12-800225-4
Berk, J.: Unleashing Engineering Creativity, 2013., ISBN 1481177257
Salopek ?ubri?, I.; ?ubri?, G.: Creativity, Communication and Collaboration: Grading with Open Badges, Proceedings of the 39th International Convention Mipro 2016/Biljanovi?, P. (ur.), Rijeka: Croatian Society for Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics, 2016., 869-874, ISBN 978-953-233-087-8
European Comission: A New Skills Agenda for Europe, Bruxelles, 2016.
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