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Course: CAD/CAM for textiles
Teachers in charge Ph. D. Željko Penava, Prof.
Study, Module Textile Technology and Engineering - graduate, Module Engineering Design and Management of Textiles
Course summary 4 (2+2+0)
Knowledge verification preliminary exam, writing exam
Lecture type lectures, practice
Exercise type audio practice, workshops
Subject content Fundamentals of computers and computer design, computer graphics. Fundamentals of weaves and interlacing points. Coordination of colors, yarns and weaves. Creation of regular repeating patterns. Calculation of weave units, repeat and fabric width. Familiarization with various computer programms for the composition of fabrics woven with heald frames and jacquard fabrics, patterns in knitted fabric making. Fabric design in the computer linked with electonically controlled dobby and jacquard machine. Fundamental principles of writing control programs for manufacturing specific knittid yard goods. Writing of computer program for the beginning of knitting, structural patterns, two- and three-color jacquard patterns in knitted goods.
Aim of course Operation of the specific textile CAD/CAM computer programms for making woven fabrics and plain and patterned knitted fabrics, application of various auxiliary programs. Familiarization with design legalities and development of new fabrics. Individual operation of computer programs for the composition of fabrics woven with heald frames and jacquard fabrics. Individual making of own fabric designs. Acquisition of knowledge for individual operation of machines computer-controlled in the knitting process.
Literature necessary for course M.A. Hann, G.M. Thomson: The Geometry of Regular Repeating Patterns, The Textile Institute, Manchester, 1992
V.Orešković, J. Hađina: Vezovi i konstrukcija tkanina listovnog tkanja, Viša tehnička škola, Bihać, 1982
Raz S.: Flat Knitting, Bamberg 1991
Supplement literature Selected articles of the Textile Journal, Zagreb
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