Faculty of Textile Technology
Doctoral study Textile Science and Technology - Research papers from the field of research

The candidates are obligated to earn at least 62 ECTS credits in the course of their study by publishing papers that are evaluated according to the Table beneath.

Paper  ECTS 
Scientific paper in journal cited in CC 40
Scientific paper in journals cited in SCI, SCI-E 30
Scientific papers in other journals 20
Book chapter 20
Paper published in an International Conference Proceedings 15
Paper published in a National Conference Proceedings 10
Patents, entirely tested 30
Consensual patents 20
Coordination of a scientific project 30

The ECTS credits listed in the table can be earned by not more than 3 authors. If the paper is authored by more than three authors, the listed number of ECTS credits is equivalent to the number of authors (75% if there are 4 authors, 50% if there are 5 authors, 6 or more authors - every author earns 100/N% of credits, N=number of authors).