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Textile chemistry and ecology laboratory

Name: Water quality analyzer, Nanocolor 500 D, Macherey-Nagel
Description: It determines all analytical parameters of water quality (COD, BOD 5, AOX, phosphates, sulphates etc.) using standardized test tubes.

Name: Standard equipment for determining appearance of fabrics after repeated home laundering AATCC Test Method 124-1989
Description: Assessment of changes in the textile surface after repeated home laundering.

Name: Accelerator, Westach
Description: The instrument analyzes friction resistance of textile surface material.

Name: Zweigle abrader, Zweigle KG, Reutlingen
Description: he instrument is used to determine abrasion resistance of textile surface materials.

Name: Fixotest 7501, Original Hanau
Description: It consists of three pairs of heating plates which can operate separately; it is used to test pleating and fixation by contact heat according to DIN EN ISO 54 060 to test chlorine retention and colour fastness to hot pressing under controlled temperature conditions and pressure according to ISO 105 P.

Name: Spray Test
Description: Determination of resistance to surface wetting (spray test) of fabrics according to ISO 4920:1981

Name: Portable pH meter
Description: Easy pH control during the process.

Name: Standard equipment for determining the angle of recovery of textile fabrics
Description: Determination of the angle of recovery in order to define the quality of unfinished and finished textile fabrics

Name: Schott magnetic mixer
Description: It is possible to regulate mixing speed (to 1100 rpm) or temperature (to 24 ║C).

Name: Hospitalija dryer
Description: Drying at a required temperature to constant mass in quantitative analyses. Drying laboratory glass.

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