Faculty of Textile Technology
Equipment of the Department of Materials, Fibres and Textile Testing


Name: Zweigle fibre crimp tester, Reuglingen, Germany
Description: The instrument is a two-armed balance on which fibre crimps are straightened under defined preloading without fibre elongation. The length of a crimp and straightened fibre with an accuracy of 0.01 mm is measured, crimp contraction is calculated from the data obtained and is expressed in %.
Instrument za ispitivanje kovrčavosti vlakana - tt. Zweigle, Reutlingen, Germany

Name: Apparatus for testing waterproofness (own manufacture according to the instructions in DIN 53 886)
Description: The apparatus is used to test the waterproofness of various materials under defined hydrostatic pressure depending on the application of tested materials. Maximum hydrostatic pressure is up to 1,500 mm of water column. Test specimens having a diameter of 14 mm are made using a circular cutter. Three specimens are tested simultaneously. It is controlled by an electric motor. The requirement of conventional materials on waterproofness is 100 mm and for special applications is up to 500 mm of water column. The apparatus also enables the measurement of material air impermeability.
Aparat za ispitivanje vodonepropusnosti (vlastita izrada prema uputama DIN 53 886)

Name: Name: Strength tester Tensolab 3000 by Mesdan S.P.A., Italy
Description: The strength tester of yarns and fabrics has 5 measuring ranges:
- 2 daN for elastomer yarns
- 10 daN for conventional yarns
- 100, 1000 and 3000 daN for high-strength yarns, conventional and technical textiles
The tester is computer-controlled and equipped with a software package enabling tests in compliance with 26 standard test methods (ISO, EN, ASTM, Marks&Spencer, UNI ...) of tensile and compressive properties
Dinamometar Tensolab 3000 - tt. Mesdan S.p.A., Italia

Name: Yarn strength tester by Mesdan S.p.A, Italy
Description: The tester operates on the principle of constant elongation speed. It is used to measure yarn breaking force by the method of individual measurement and modified testing of loop and knot strength. There are two measuring scales up to 1000 and 2000 cN. The tensiometer enables preloading up to 0.5 cN/tex.
Dinamometar za pređu - tt. Mesdan S.p.A., Italia

Name: Elmendorf apparatus (647) by Henry Baer and Co.Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland
Description: The apparatus is used to test tearing strength of fabrics by falling-pendulum. It is suitable for untreated and treated fabrics. Filled and laminated fabrics as well as denim fabrics can be tested. Tests are performed according to DIN 53 862.
Aparat po Elmendorf-u (647) - tt. Henry Baer and Co.Ltd, Zurich, Schweiz

Name: Instrument for testing hydraulic properties of nonwovens (own manufacture)
Description: The instrument is used to test hydraulic properties of geotextiles. It enables to continually monitor the radial fluid flow at the level of the nonwoven material, so that the method is also used to assess structure isotropy. Based on these test results the end-use of geotextiles can be determined (e.g. road building and tunnels).
Uređaj za ispitivanje hidrauličnih svojstava netkanog tekstila (vlastita izrada)

Name: Fibre strength tester (678) by W.I.R.A.
Description: The apparatus is used to test fibre breaking force by the method of single measurements in 4 measuring ranges: up to 10, 20, 50 and 100 cN. Test results are read from the graphic representation of force diagram/elongation (F/l).
Aparat za ispitivanje čvrstoće vlakana - dinamometar za vlakna (678) - tt. W.I.R.A.

Name: Crockmeter
Description: The Crockmeter is used to determine the colour fastness from dry or wet tests on textiles. Assessment is subjective based on the comparison with greyscale.

Name: Yarn unevenness tester (C1MC4) by Branca Idealair, Varese, Italy
Description: The instrument is used to test yarn unevenness and is based on comparison between the tested yarn and standards. Standards are divided A, B, C and D classes with five groups of yarn count each marked with Roman numerals I, II, III, IV and V. Part of the instrument are black and white plates depending on yarn colour so that irregularities in the yarn can be detected. It is also necessary to wind the yarn at distances depending on fineness with a tolerance of ± 10%. The method is visual and subjective.
Aparat za određivanje nejednoličnosti pređe  (C1MC4) - tt. Branca Idealair, Varese, Italy

Name: Microscope for determining the melting point of fibres (7905) by Reichert, Austria
Description: It is equipped with a magnifying objective 10x and magnifying eye piece 10x (total magnifying effect 100x). The heated table enables fibre melting in the range of 260 °C. The method is suitable for the identification of fibres which cannot be defined easily by standard test methods.
Mikroskop za određivanje tališta vlakana (7905) - tt. Reichert, Austria

Name: Polarization microscope ORHTOPLAN-pol by Leitz, Wetzlar, Germany
Description: Binocular microscope equipped with polarizator, analyzer, interference filters, eyepiece magnification is 10x, objective magnification is 16x, 40x and 100x. Total magnification is1000x. It is equipped with an additional Jamin-Lebedeff system, thus having the ability of determining the index of refraction and birefringence. The slide is prepared in an immersing agent.
Polarizacijski mikroskop ORTHOPLAN-pol - tt. Leitz, Wetzlar, Germany

Name: Pressley tester by Mesdan S.p.A., Italy
Description: The instrument is used to test fibre bundle tensile strength, especially cotton fibres. The bundle is loaded at the constant speed of force increase up to a bundle break. The result is expressed as "Pressley Index" (PI) (lbs/mg).
The instrument consists of:
1. Pressley tester
2. Specimen clamping tool
3. Breaking clamps
4. Torsion scale
Pressley tester - tt. Mesdan S.p.A., Italia

Name: Johansen-Zweigle fibre sorting device by Zweigle, Zürich, Switzerland
Description: It consists of sorting combs which sort fibres into bundles of the same lengths (staple), starting with the longest to the shortest ones. The sorted bundles are used to measure mass and length from which characteristic lengths and other indicators of fibre polydispersity. Depending on the needle field width, fibre length of cotton or wool type can be measured. The test method is standardized.
Aparat za sortiranje vlakana u snopiće određenih duljina po Johansen – Zweigleu - tt.Zweigle, Zürich, Schweiz

Name: Torsiometer by Branca Idealair, Varese, Italy
Description: Instrument for determining the amount of twist of various yarn types:
- by standard detwist method
- by determining breaking twist
Since it is equipped with a preloading blocking device, it also enables the measurement of twist level by the tensioning method.
Torziometar - tt. Branca Idealair, Varese, Italy

Name: Apparatus for longitudinal yarn and ply yarn abrasion (5-27-1) by Metrimpex, Budapest, Hungary
Description: Yarn or ply yarn tightened by a certain force between the clamps pass through the openings of the abrading elements imitating healds of the loom and eyelets respectively and are subjected to abrading over a certain length (path).
Operating apparatus capabilities:
1. number of specimens to be tested: 10
2. preloading is gradually increased up to 10 g (50 g to 140 g weights)
3. number of strokes: 0 to 1000 strokes/min
4. stroke counter has four characters
5. automatic shut-down
Load is selected based on yarn o ply yarn count or breaking force.
Aparat za uzdužno habanje pređe i konca (5-27-1) - tt. Metrimpex, Budapest, Hungary

Name: Apparatus for testing fibre fineness by the vibrating method -Vibroskop S 150 Zweigle
Aparat za ispitivanje finoće vlakana titrajnom metodom - Vibroskop S 150 tt. Zweigle

Name: CSIRO Apparatus for testing wool fibre fineness using the acoustic method
Aparat za ispitivanje finoće vunenih vlakana akustičkim postupkom tt. CSIRO

Name: Projection microscope - Lanameter for fibre testing using the optical method by PGH Rundfunk-Fernsehen, Stolberg/Erzgeb.
Projekcijski mikroskop - Lanametar za ispitivanje finoće vlakana optičkom metodom 
tt. PGH Rundfunk-Fernsehen, Stollberg/Erzgeb.

Name: Spinlab fibre fineness tester by measuring airflow resistance
Aparat za ispitivanje finoće vlakana mjerenjem otpora strujanju zraka
tt. Spinlab

Name: W.I.R.A. single fibre length measuring machine
Aparat za ispitivanje duljine vlakana - Single fibre length machine 
tt. W.I.R.A

Name: Mettler moisture content infrared balance
IR-vaga za određivanje sadržaja vlage tt. Mettler

Name: Olympus BX51 for the analysis of microscopic images
Olympus BX51- sustav za anlizu mikroskopske slike tt. Olympus

Name: SDL Atlas air permeability tester
Aparat za ispitivanje propusnosti zraka tt. SDL Atlas

Name: Abrasion / Pilling Tester Martindale by Mesdan
Martindale, aparat za habanje i piling
tt. Mesdan