Faculty of Textile Technology
Physical & chemical testing laboratory


Name: Pye-Unicam 1750 spectrophotometer
Description: Spectrophotometer UV/Vis and close IR operative range
- measurement of the absorption and transmission of solvents and surface materials
Apsorpcijski spektrofotometar, Pye Unicam 1750

Name: EKA, Electro Kinetic Analyzer
Description: - measurement of zeta-potential [mV]
- it operates on the principle of streaming current/current potential
- possibility of the operation with two measuring cells
- possibility of measuring the potential of pellets, powder, fibres, yarns, surface materials and other planes
- software controlled
EKA, Electro Kinetic Analzyer (elektrokinetički analizator)

Name: Fluorometer
Description: - measurements of fluorescence of fibres, yarns, surface materials with a special sample preparation
- software controlled

Name: pH meter Model MA 5736
Description: Measurements of:
- PH value of solvent
- temperature of solvent
- electrical resistance of solvent
pH metar MA 5736

Name: Programmable DV-II viscosimeter
Description: It investigates rheological properties of viscose solvents, viscosity range from 0.015 to 2.000 Pa s
- CNC-controlled
Viskozimetar Programable DV+II

Name: Autotitrator 736 GP Titrino
Description: Determination of analytes in the solvent using the procedure of potentiometer titration
- use of ion-selective electrodes
- determination of surfactants
Autotitrator 736 GP Titrino

Name: Portable conductometer, MA 5950 Metrel
Description: Measurement of electrical conductivity of solvents

Name: Specol SV spectrophotometer, Carl Zeiss
Description: Spectrophotometer with VIS operative range. Modified to measure fluorescence

Name: HPLC system Shimadzu LC-10A Series
Description: Fluid chromatography with DAD detector, autosampler and software

Name: Matthis Fluidometer
Description: Determination of the fluidity of viscose solvents