Faculty of Textile Technology
Laboratory for technical mechanical investigations


Name: Twist tester, Mesdan Lab, Italy
Description: Determination of twist in spun yarns -- Untwist/retwist method
in accordance with HRN ISO/DIS 17202
Twist tester, Mesdan Lab, Italija

Name: Tensile strength tester Apparecchi Branca S.A., Italy
Description: Testing tensile force and elongation of fabrics
Grab method
Ball bursting tests
It operates in accordance with DIN 53837 and DIN 53858
Dinamometar Apparecchi Branca S.A., Italija

Name: Evenness tester 80, type B - Keisokki, Japan
Description: Determination of sliver, roving and yarn unevenness by capacitive method
The tester measures the number of thin and thick places as well as neps, and it can be adjusted to four sensitivity levels
Comparison of results obtained according to Uster statistics
HRN ISO 2649 (for wool)
Eveness tester 80, type B - tt. Keisokki, Japan

Name: Strength tester Statimat M by Textechno, Germany
Description: It measures elongation properties of yarn
It is completely automated and microprocessor-controlled
It operates in accordance with DIN 51221, DIN 53834 and ISO 2062
Dinamometar Statimat M - tt. Textechno, Njemačka