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Laboratory for computer-based garment design

Name: Contemporary computer system for grading and marker making by Lectra
Description: Laboratory for garment construction preparation is equipped with 15 graphic working stations comprising characteristic input and output units (3D body scanner, plotter and digitizer). The graphic workstations dispose of the newest versions of software packages for the preparation of cut parts and cutting patterns for garment manufacturing, and Lectra software for textile and garment design. The workstations are networked and Internet connected. The software packages are written in Croatian, thus enabling relatively simple handling and training.
Suvremeni računalni sustav za gradiranje krojeva i izradu krojnih slika tt. Lectra

Name: Graphical workstation for digitizing cutting parts
Description: Graphical workstation for digitizing cutting parts is equipped with a digitizer with an active working surface of 152 x112 cm. It is used to enter cutting parts into the computer system for construction preparation. Points are digitized using the mouse with a very high precision of 0.01 cm.
Grafička radna stanica za digitalizaciju krojnih dijelova

Name: Graphic design workstation
Description: Graphic workstation for textile and garment designing contains Prima Vision software package (with program modules GRAPHICSMODE and DRAPINGMODE) by Lectra by means of which new conceptual projects of garments can be made in a relatively simple manner, using a graphics tablet with pen or mouse with 5 buttons. Graphics pen tablets largely facilitate the computer operation and open up a new dimension for creating a new model.
Grafička radna stanica za dizajn

Name: Graphic workstation for construction preparation in the clothing industry
Description: Typical graphic workstation for construction preparation in the clothing industry has Modaris software packages (with program modules BASICMOD, STYLER and PROGRADER) and Diamino (with program modules BASICMARK and ACTIMARK) by Lectra which provide a complete preparation of cutting parts and cutting patterns for the garment manufacturing process.
Grafička radna stanica konstrukcijske pripreme u odjevnoj industriji

Name: 3D body scanner
Description: VITUS smart - 3D body scanner is an input unit of the computer system for the construction preparation. Scanning range 1000x800 mm and 2040 mm high. Scanning is performed using 8 cameras and lasts from 10 to 12 s whereby 500,000 to 600,000 space coordinates of the scanned body. Data processing lasts for 40 seconds or so, and afterwards by using ScanWorx V 2.7.2 software package, body measurements are extracted to make a custom cut. The software package provides the possibility to correct the body measurements obtained and to add new ones.
3D scanner za snimanje tijela

Name: Plotter of the computer system for the construction preparation in the clothing industry
Description: Alys 30 is an inkjet plotter that is used to plot cutting parts and cutting patterns. Plot width is 1.83 cm, features a fast and noiseless operation. Cutting parts and patterns are plotted in two different resolutions 90 dpi and 180 dpi. JustPrint or VigiPrint software packages are used to control the plotter whereby a priority list of plotting cutting patterns is created. Plot speed is 30 m/h of cutting patterns with lower resolution and 17 m/h of cutting patterns with higher resolution.
Crtalo računalnog sustava konstrukcijske pripreme u odjevnoj industriji

Name: FitNet server
Description: Lectra FitNet software package connects the data obtained by measuring the human body and the cut of a garment in order to obtain a custom cut. FitNet server is used to create a link between measurements and cut as well as a garment. A graphic interface for the FitNet store is made which makes it possible for a potential customer of customized clothing to select various elements of the garment and to select materials for making articles of clothing.
FitNet server

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