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Laboratory for process parameters

Name: System for measuring energetic parameters of electricity consumption
Description: Measurement system enables the determination of electricity consumption at all three connected phase conductors, electrical output at each phase, electricity and voltage at each phase. In addition to the use for scientific research at laboratory level, this measurement system can be used in other real working technological processes (food, graphic, metal-working, wood-processing etc.) where electric motor drives are used.
Sustav za mjerenje energetskih parametara potrošnje električne energije.

Name: System for automatic measurements of process parameters and structures of technological operations of garment manufacturing
Description: Measurement system for computer-based synchronized measurements and calculation of process parameters of technological operations of garment manufacturing and measurements of process parameters by varying several technological and technical factors and results processing. The measurement system is used to determine the entire determination of process parameters of technological operations of garment sewing using the contemporary equipment used to make automatic measurement sand to collect data via electronic computer, measuring transducers and instruments, several appropriate software programs and methods of numerical analysis, and it can be equipped with a video system to analyze work performance at the workplace, ensuring a correct interpretation of the obtained measurement results of the process parameters of the technological operations of garment sewing.
Sustav za automatska mjerenja procesnih parametara i struktura tehnoloških operacija proizvodnje odjeće.

Name: On-line advanced system of testing sewn seams in knitted fabrics
Description: The developed on-line advanced measurement system presents an original solution which offers the possibility of an objective evaluation of produced damages in sewn seams. Swinging of the upper clamp represents the simulation of human movements when wearing a garment. Continuous loading the of the lower 4 kp clamp represents the simulation of stretching in the region of sewn seams. The possibility of subjective evaluation is eliminated by sensory radiation and detection of damages.
On - line unaprjeđeni sustav za ispitivanje šivanih šavova pletiva

Name: Pfaff universal high-speed sewing machine
Description: The machine sews at a speed of up to 4000 stitches/min and operates oil-free. The motor is built in the sewing machine housing. Additionally, the machine is equipped with puller.
Univerzalni brzošivaći stroj  tt. Pfaff

Name: Pfaff stationary instrument for measuring waterproofness
Description: This table instrument tests the waterproofness of the welded seam by water pressure.
Stacionirani uređaj za mjerenje vodonepropusnosti  tt. Pfaff

Name: Pfaff portable instrument for determining air impermeability of the seam
Description: The hand pump injects air into the instrument and air impermeability of the sample (seam) is tested.
Prijenosni uređaj za određivanje zračne nepropusnosti šava tt. Pfaff

Name: Pfaff universal hot air or hot wedge welder of thermoplastic materials
Description: This special machine is used to join (weld) thermoplastic materials using hot air or hot wedge by the procedure of gluing or adhesive bonding.
Univerzalni stroj za spajanje termoplasta vrućim zrakom ili klinom tt. Pfaff

Name: Pfaff ultrasonic welding machine Seamsonic 8310
Description: It is used to join thermoplastic foils, textiles and laminates by ultrasonic welding. Sonotrodes are made of titan having a diameter of 104 mm and a width of 10 mm.
Ultrazvučni stroj za spajanje zavarivanjem Seamsonic 8310 tt. Pfaff

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