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Laboratory for mechanisms and machine automation in the clothing industry

Name: Simulation didactic board for pneumatics and electropneumatics with compressor
Description: Norgren didactic board with additional elements by Commazzi and Siemens is used to join elements used for controls. Based on the assignment for which the students made a circuit diagram (pneumatics, electropneumatics or PLC), they join elements and put them into operation.
Simulacijska didaktička ploča za pneumatiku i elektropneumatiku s kompresorom.

Name: Festo assembly of elements
Description: A set of control elements with two pneumatic cylinders are fixed to its frame. Control elements are arranged in a so-called "tact method". By simple switching pneumatic lines by detachable couplings, simpler pneumatic diagrams can be realized and put into operation by using the so-called step method.
Slog elemenata tvrtke Festo

Name: Model of simple manipulator
Description: Model of simple manipulator simulates taking and layering garments on different types of machines in garment manufacturing processes. Siemens PLC controls the manipulator, students develop programs and put it into operation.
Model jednostavnog manipulatora

Name: Model of automatic ironing machine
Description: All executable and control elements contained in an industrial ironing machine are mounted. Neither a steam pipe nor a vacuum instrument were installed. PLC is used to control the ironing machine. The model is used to simulate the operation of the ironing machine by changing the control program developed by students.
Model automatske glačalice

Name: Set of Siemens sensors
Description: The set contains various industrial sensors: inductive, capacitive, optical and ultrasonic. It is used for demonstrations and testing.
Set senzora tvrtke Siemens

Name: Mitsubishi RV-2AJ robot
Description: This is a computer-controlled robot with a pneumatic handle to transfer work pieces and a movement freedom of 5 degrees. Accuracy of position repeat in space is ± 0.02 mm.
Robot RV-2AJ tt. Mitsubishi

Name: Festo equipment for pneumatics, electropneumatics and sensors
Description: The equipment consists of working plates where pneumatic executable elements, electro pneumatic elements and sensors are connected. Together with the equipment a FluidSim simulation program (for pneumatics and electropneumatics) is installed by means of which schematic drawings are drawn and proper operation is verified.
Oprema za pneumatiku, elektropneumatiku i senzoriku tt. Festo

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