Faculty of Textile Technology
Completion of the study and conditions for the registration for specialist thesis

In order for the students to prove the success of study and to be entitled to study further, it is necessary for them to satisfy minimum conditions for the continuation of the study. Minimum enrolment conditions for the individual terms are as follows:

  • Students are obliged to attend lectures regularly and to participate in all foreseen teaching forms.
  • The students can enroll in the next term of the same academic year only if they register the last term as completed.
  • For the enrolment in the second term it is necessary based on the passed exams to achieve at least 30 ECTS credits and 60 more credits for the enrolment in the 3rd term.

The postgraduate university specialist study for obtaining the specialization is completed by passing all the exams and by writing and oral defending the specialist thesis.

The conditions of applying for a specialist thesis and defending it are as follows:

  • to be able to apply for a specialist thesis the students should obtain 60 ECTS credits.

At the postgraduate study for obtaining the specialization a committee for evaluating the proposed thesis, the candidate's capabilities and the evaluation and defence of the specialist thesis is formed.