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Ph. D. Mario Cetina, Prof.
Telephone: +385 1 3712 590
Location: room B-325/III, Prilaz baruna Filipovića 28a, Zagreb
 Personal data
  • Place and date of birth: Samobor, April 26, 1962.

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 Academic education
  • June 1986, B.Sc. in Textile-Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Zagreb, Croatia.
  • June 1990, M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Zagreb, Croatia; Thesis title: Adsorption of water soluble textile dyestuffs on natural adsorbents at 25oC and 60oC (Supervisor: Assistant Professor D. Došen-Šver).
  • July 2001, Ph.D. in Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Zagreb, Croatia; Thesis title: Structural investigations of the derivatives of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acids and their transition metal complexes (Supervisor: Professor M. Mintas).

 Employment and titles
  • 1986–1990, Postgraduate Student, Faculty of Technology, University of Zagreb.
  • 1990–2001, Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Technology, University of Zagreb.
  • 2001–2004, Senior Assistant, Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb.
  • 2004–2007, Lecturer, Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb.
  • 2007–2012, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb.
  • 2012–2019, Associate Professor, Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb.
  • 2019 - Full Professor, Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb.

 Scientific specialisation and research stays abroad
  • Visiting scientist (1.1.2010 – 30.6.2010): Department of Chemistry, Nanoscience Centre, University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Visiting scientist (1.2.2013 – 30.6.2013): Department of Chemistry, Nanoscience Centre, University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland

 Teaching activity
  • Supramolecular chemistry and nanochemistry - doctoral study
  • General Chemistry - undergraduate study
  • Laboratory Excercises of General Chemistry - undergraduate study
  • Physical Chemistry - undergraduate study
  • General Chemistry - professional study, Varaždin

 Research activity
  • Area: Natural sciences;
  • Field: Chemistry

 Area of special research interest
  • X-ray Crystallography; Supramolecular interactions in textile science and technology; Supramolecular Chemistry and Nanochemistry; Crystal Engineering

 Scientific-professional work
  • 75 original papers in journals indexed in Web of Science Core Collection
  • 20 participations on international scientific conferences
  • 18 participations on domestic scientific conferences

 List of key scientific papers
  • N. Opačić, M. Barbarić, B. Zorc, M. Cetina, A. Nagl, D. Frković, M. Kralj, K. Pavelić, J. Balzarini, G. Andrei, R. Snoeck, E. De Clercq, S. Raić-Malić, M. Mintas: „The Novel L- and D-Amino Acid Derivatives of Hydroxyurea and Hydantoins: Synthesis, X-Ray Crystal Structure Study, and Cytostatic and Antiviral Activity Evaluations”, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 48 (2005) 475-482 /impact factor: 4.926/.
  • M. Cetina, A. Nagl, V. Krištafor, K. Benci, M. Mintas: „The supramolecular assemblies of N-Phthalimide protected (E)- and (Z)-4-amino-2-butenyl 5-substituted pyrimidine derivatives: From dimers to two-dimensional and three-dimensional networks”, Crystal Growth & Design 8 (2008) 2975-2981 /impact factor: 4.215/.
  • J.-P. Collin, S. Durot, M. Keller, J.-P. Sauvage, Y. Trolez, M. Cetina and K. Rissanen: „Synthesis of [5]rotaxanes containing bi- and tridentate coordination sites in the axis”, Chemistry - A European Journal 17 (2011) 947-957 /impact factor: 5.925/.
  • M. T. Johnson, Z. Džolić, M. Cetina, O. F. Wendt, L. Öhrström, K. Rissanen: „Neutral Organometallic Halogen Bond Acceptors: Halogen Bonding in Complexes of PCPPdX (X = Cl, Br, I) with Iodine (I2), 1,4-Diiodotetrafluorobenzene (F4DIBz), and 1,4-Diiodooctafluorobutane (F8DIBu)” Crystal Growth & Design 12 (2012) 362-368 /impact factor: 4.689/.
  • N. K. Beyeh, M. Cetina, K. Rissanen: „Binding Modes of Non-Spherical Anions toN-alkylammonium Resorcinarenes in the Solid State” Crystal Growth & Design 12 (2012) 4919–4926 /impact factor: 4.689/.
  • M. Cetina, K. Benci, K. Wittine, M. Mintas: „Weak C-H•••Pi and C-H•••F interactions form higher-order supramolecular structures in cytosine and uracil (Z)-4’-benzamido-2’-butenyl derivatives” Crystal Growth & Design 12 (2012) 5262–5270 /impact factor: 4.689/.
  • M. T. Johnson, Z. Džolić, M. Cetina, M. Lahtinen, M. S. G. Ahlquist, K. Rissanen, L. Öhrström, O. F. Wendt: „Preparation of potentially porous, chiral organometallic materials through spontaneous resolution of pincer palladium conformers”, Dalton Transactions 42 (2013) 8484–8491 /impact factor: 4.097/.
  • N. K. Beyeh, M. Cetina, K. Rissanen: „Halogen bonded analogues of deep cavity cavitands”, Chemical Communications (2014) 1959–1961 /impact factor: 6.834/.
  • J. Arcau, V. Andermark, E. Aguiló, A. Gandioso, A. Moro, M. Cetina, J. Carlos Lima, K. Rissanen, I. Ott, L. Rodríguez: „Luminescent Alkynyl-gold(I) coumarin derivatives and their biological activity”, Dalton Transactions 43 (2014) 4426–4436 /čimbenik odjeka: 4,197/.
  • C. Gütz, R. Hovorka, N. Struch, J. Bunzen, G. Meyer-Eppler, Z.-W. Qu, S. Grimme, F. Topić, K. Rissanen, M. Cetina, M. Engeser, A. Lützen: „Enantiomerically Pure Trinuclear Helicates via Diastereoselective Self-Assembly and Characterization of their Redox Chemistry”, Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (2014) 11830–11838 /čimbenik odjeka: 12,113/.
  • N. Kodiah Beyeh, Altti Ala-Korpi, Mario Cetina, Arto Valkonen, Kari Rissanen: „Recognition of N-Alkyl- and N-Aryl-Acetamides by N-Alkyl Ammonium Resorcinarene Chlorides”, Chemistry - A European Journal 20 (2014) 15144 – 15150 /čimbenik odjeka:5.731/.
  • M. Cametti, M. Cetina, Z. Džolić: „Cu(II)-Specific Metallogel Formation by an Amido-Anthraquinone-Pyridyloxalamide Ligand in DMSO-water”, Dalton Transactions 44 (2015) 7223–7229 /čimbenik odjeka: 4.177/.
  • M. Bedin, A. Karim, M. Reitti, A.-C. C. Carlsson, F. Topić, M. Cetina, F. Pan, V. Havel, F. Al-Ameri, V. Sindelar, K. Rissanen, J. Gräfenstein, M. Erdélyi: „Counterion influence on the N–I–N halogen bond“, Chemical Science 6 (2015) 3746 – 3756 /čimbenik odjeka: 9.144/.
  • M. Kovačević, I. Kodrin, M. Cetina, I. Kmetič, T. Murati, M. Čakić Semenčić, S. Roca, L. Barišić: „The conjugates of ferrocene-1,1’-diamine and amino acids. A novel synthetic approach and conformational analysis“, Dalton Transactions 44 (2015) 16405 – 16420 /impact factor: 4.177/.
  • T. Gregorić, M. Sedić, P. Grbčić, A. Tomljenović Paravić, S. Kraljević Pavelić, M. Cetina, R. Vianello, S. Raić-Malić: „Novel pyrimidine-2,4-dione-1,2,3-triazole and furo[2,3-d]pyrimidine-2-one-1,2,3-triazole hybrids as potential anti-cancer agents: Synthesis, computational and X-ray analysis and biological evaluation“, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 125 (2017) 1247 – 1267. /Q1; čimbenik odjeka: 4.816/.

 Projects (collaborator)
  • 1991-1995 - Regeneration of textile industry waste waters, Ministry of Science and Technology Republic of Croatia (#2-14-032)
  • 1996-2002 - Synthesis-structure-antiviral and antitumoral investigations, Ministry of Science and Technology Republic of Croatia (#125003)
  • 2000-2003 - COST, Development of New Therapeutic Substances for Enzyme Prodrug – Gene Therapy of Cancer, action D-13: New Molecules Towards Human Health Care
  • 2003-2006 - Development of new therapeutic and diagnostic substancies for gene therapy of cancer, Ministry of Science and Technology Republic of Croatia (#0125003)
  • 2007-2014 - New organic and coordination compounds - synthesis and structure-property relationship, Ministry of Science, Education and Sport (#119-1193079-3069)
  • 01.01.2010 – 31.06.2010 - Self-Assembling Nanosized Supramolecules, Academy of Finland
  • 01.02.2013 – 31.06.2013 - Weak Interactions as Structural Elements in Self-Assembling Molecular Systems, Academy of Finland
  • 15.03.2017. – 14.03.2021. - Dynamic Hybrid Metal Nanoparticles-Gel Materials for Novel Applications (NanoGelMat), CSF project (IP-2016-06-5983).

 Work in scientific and professional associations
  • Croatian Chemical Society (member of the Board from April 2011)
  • Croatian Crystallographic Association (member of the Board from September 2012)
  • Croatian Association of Crystallographers (vice-president from August 2012 till November 2016)

 Acknowledgments and rewards
  • Acknowledgment of the Dean of the Faculty of Textile Technology, Professor Sandra Bischof, "For scientific contribution to the institution in the category of papers with the highest impact factor" (granted for Acad. year 2012/2013 and 2013/2014).

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