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Centre for Development and Transfer of Textile and Clothing Technologies and Fashion Design
Address: Prilaz baruna Filipovića 28a, 10000 Zagreb
Telephone: +385 1 3712 500
Fax: +385 1 3712 599

Council members of CTD:

1. Assoc. prof. Ivan Novak, PhD Head of the CTD
2. Prof. Zvonko Dragčević, PhD
3. Prof. Edita Vujasinović, PhD
4. Prof. Tanja Pušić, PhD
5. Prof. Zenun Skenderi, PhD
6. Prof. Željko Šomođi, PhD
7. Assist. prof. Slavenka Petrak, PhD
8. Jadranka Akalović, BSc
9. Bosiljka Šaravanja, BSc


The Centre was established in 2004 with the aim of the interconnection of science and knowledge with economy. Scientific potential, results of scientific investigations, new patented products or methods and conceptual designer solutions at the Faculty should be used to solve development, manufacturing and technological problems of economy, permanent further education of employees, sophisticated investigations and measurements for the needs of customers, in particular of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship.

In the field of textile and clothing technologies and fashion design there are no development institutes in Croatia as in other fields so that the Department will fill this role too. The creation of joint teams for the development of ideas to be commercialized will help the textile sector to flourish in the broadest sense.

Shema rada CTD

  • Field of CTD activities includes:

  • Fashion design

  • Design of manufacturing processes and production lines

  • Engineering, making analyses and studies

  • Expert evaluation for the field of textile materials, textile and clothing technologies and fashion design

  • Tests and measurements

  • Education of economy employees and similar activities

To do business within the framework of the Department (CTD), a large number of Faculty laboratories/studios and facilities for practical training are available:

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Centre for Development and Transfer of Textile and Clothing Technologies and Fashion Design

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