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Department of Projecting and Management of Textiles
Head of department: Assoc. Prof. Vesna Marija Potočić Matković, Ph. D.
Address: Prilaz baruna Filipovića 28a, 10000 Zagreb
Telephone: +385 1 3712 573
Fax: +385 1 3712 599

Teaching activities at the Department of Textile Design and Management includes projecting and manufacture of yarns, woven and knitted textiles, The focus of teaching is on design of structures and properties and on technologies of textile manufacture. Teaching is continuously updated keeping an eye on developments in technology of spinning, weaving, knitting and non-wovens. The introduction of new study courses in line with the Bologna process meant focusing on marketing and management study courses. Considering the major changes that are globally happening in the world of textiles, it was observed that textile manufacturers as well as marketing organizations are showing increasing interest in hiring engineers who, along with technological processes, are acquainted with management. Department enable the students to acquire, besides technological and production abilities, marketing and management knowledge qualifying them to take over managing functions in the textile production.

Teaching at the Department is carried out in specially equipped workshops and laboratories:

  • Laboratory for technical mechanical investigations
  • Laboratory - workshop for weaving
  • Laboratory - workshop for knitting
  • Studio for project planning and design of yarn, fabrics, knitted fabrics, technical textile and non-wovens
  • Laboratory for thermophysiological comfort of textiles
  • Laboratory for thermophysiological comfort of footwear
  • Dislocated workshop for weaving
  • Center for creative weaving

Teachers of Department are heads of scientific and technological projects based on solving complex scientific and technical issues. For many years, the Department collaborates with faculties and institutes at home and abroad. Croatian section of the International Federation of Knitting Technologists has its headquarters on Faculty of Textile Technology in the Department of Textile Design and Management.


Staff member Course
Prof. Stana Kovačević, Ph. D. Warp yarn preparation, Work and cost study, Fabric structures design, Textile-Mechanical Processes, Weaving, Realisation of Art Object in Weaving Technique, Theoretical Analyses in the Yarn Preparation Process and Fabric Production, New sizing procedures 
Prof. Zenun Skenderi, Ph. D. Composite materials, Unconventional Spinning Systems, Nonwoven and technical textile, Spinning, Textile-Mechanical Processes, Structures and Properties of Nonwovens, Design of Spun Yarn Structures 
Prof. Zlatko Vrljičak, Ph. D. International Textile Market, Knitting I, Knitted structure design, Technical Knitted Fabrics, Process Parameters of Knitwear Production, Fashionable Knitwear 
Assoc. Prof. Željko Penava, Ph. D. CAD/CAM for textiles, Construction of textile fabrics, Woven fabric construction, Smart Textile, Jacquard woven fabric design, Woven fabric designing, Design of Woven Fabrics Structures 
Assoc. Prof. Vesna Marija Potočić Matković, Ph. D. Construction of Knitted Fabric, Construction of textile fabrics, Textile-Mechanical Processes, Techniques of Knitting, Methods of Textile Making III, Theoretical analysis of knitted fabrics and knitting process 
Assoc. Prof. Ivana Salopek Čubrić, Ph. D. Fancy Yarns, Yarn Construction, Yarn Structure Design, Methods of Textile Making I, Creativity in Technology and Design 
Snježana Brnada, Ph. D.  
Assist. Prof. Dragana Kopitar, Ph. D. Nonwoven textile, Structures and Properties of Nonwovens 
Assist. Prof. Ivana Schwarz, Ph. D. Hand weaving, Methods of Textile Making II, Weaving Technology, New sizing procedures 
Assistant Željka Pavlović, B. Sc.  
Senior Laboratory Technician Alena Mudrovčić, A. Sc.  
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