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Postgraduate specialist studies

Postgraduate specialist study at the Faculty of Textile Technology of the University of Zagreb is instituted for the reasons of higher education in the area of fashion and textile that should follow a rapid development of the individual approach to unique (art) textile and unique clothing in the fashion industry, of changes and introducing new technologies and competitiveness on international markets.

Postgraduate specialist studies are organized as part-time studies, have duration of 3 terms (a year and a half), and after its completion at least 90 ECTS credits are obtained.

At the Faculty of Textile Technology two postgraduate specialist studies are organized:

Candidates graduated from the Faculty of Textile Technology in the study course Textile and Clothing Design, candidates who finished graduate study (M.A.) of fashion, textile or industrial design, as well as candidates from graduate or M.A. study such as: Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Applied Arts, Design, Graphical Design, Architecture as well as from related studies in Europe and throughout the world. can be enrolled in the course.

The specialist study programme meets all necessary criteria of the contemporary approach to research and education. The study is based on the interrelationship between lecturers and candidates in the creation of the subject area. The study is interdisciplinary and conceived in such a way to connect the interests of industry and entrepreneurship (such as manufacture) after unique textile and clothing creating the basis

Specialist study programs are in charge of guest experts in the field of textile art and haute couture, members of HDLU (Croatian Artists Centre), ULUPUH - Croatian Association of Applied Arts Artist, Association of Craftsmen, National Costume Workshop, and National Theatre Workshop etc. Depending on individual affinity of candidates, the mentor will direct him/her to a specific expert.

Competences of the Ph.D. in the field of Fashion Design include the acquirement of knowledge, techniques and skills in artistic, social and human sciences necessary for the development of creative and specialist profiles in the proposed specialist areas. After completion of the specialist study there is a possibility for specialist study at the Faculty of Textile Technology, other institutions of higher education in Croatia and abroad. Employment possibilities for the graduate specialist in the proposed areas are at the Faculty of Textile Technology, in museums, manufacturers, entrepreneurship, textile industry etc.

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