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  Informacije vezane uz događanja u okviru programa Obzor 2020

U nastavku prosljeđujem nekoliko obavijesti vezane za Obzor 2020.:

- European Institute of Technology and Innovation - 2014 Call for Proposals for two new Knowledge and Innovation Communities:

By the end of the year, these new KICs will be designated in the areas of healthy living and active ageing; and raw materials - sustainable exploration, extraction processing, recycling and substitution. The call marks the beginning of a new phase for the EIT. As an integral part of Horizon 2020, the EIT and its KICs will benefit from increased opportunities to promote synergies and complementarities as well as directly contribute to Horizon 2020 objectives. The upcoming KICs will address societal challenges with a novel approach focused on integrating higher education institutions, research centres and companies to create new businesses and business opportunities, promote a risk taking and entrepreneurial culture, and generate new and high quality jobs.

- 2nd international conference of Joint Programming Ininitiative Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life, 28th of March in Brussels:

- results of the Eurobarometer survey ‘Responsible Research and Innovation, Science and Technology’:

The survey shows that more than three quarters (77%) of Europeans think that science and technology has a positive influence on society. Respondents however also express concern over risks from new technologies, such as to human health and the environment. They want research and innovation to be carried out with due attention to ethical principles (76%), gender balance (84%), and public dialogue (55%). Similar to results of earlier Eurobarometer surveys, more than half of all Europeans are interested in developments in science and technology (53%), but a majority do not feel informed enough (58%). Both the full and summary report can be downloaded on the Eurobarometer website: . In addition, a press release and memo can be found via this link:

- European Commission brochure on “Communicating EU Research & Innovation - A guide for project participants”:

Its objective is to offer a tool for the FP7 project participants, to better communicate about their projects and their achieved results. With a little creativity, strategic communication efforts by the projects themselves can help to show how European collaboration has achieved more than would have been otherwise possible and how the projects’ outcomes are relevant to our everyday lives. Furthermore it can help to publicise the project’s work in such a way that the projects themselves will benefit: through new (business) opportunities, a larger network or increased awareness about their work. This short guide gives some examples of successful communication activities, as well as an elaborate checklist to help the projects to develop a sound strategy for communicating about their work. It also informs the projects about legal requirements and expectations starting at the negotiation phase right up to the end of the project.
On-line version and Paper copies:

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