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Ph. D. Đurđica Parac-Osterman, Prof. Emeritus


Department of Textile Chemistry and Ecology

 Personal data

  • born in Jezerana, Croatia in 1946
  • dauther Jasmina, son Petar

 Academic education

  • 1985 PhD., in the field of Technical Sciences
  • 1978 Master of Science, Technical Sciences
  • 1970 Bachelor of Science, Engineer of Chemical Technology

 Employment and titles

  • 2005 Full Professor (permanent position) Faculty of Textile Technology
  • 2000-2005 Full Professor Faculty of Textile Technology
  • 1993-2000 Professor Faculty of Textile Technology
  • 1987-1993 docent Faculty of Textile Technology
  • 1972 assistant Faculty of Textile Technology
  • 1970-1972 the textile company in Senj
  • 1988-1991 guest Professor on Faculty of Technology Banja Luka
  • 1998-2004 guest Professor on University of Maribor
  • 2000 to date Professor on doctoral study Faculty of Graphic Zagreb
  • 2009 to date Professor on University of Dubrovnik
  • Head: Department of Textile Chemistry and Ecology (2006-2011).
  • Head: The administrative council of Karlovac University of Applied Sciences (2011- ).

 Scientific specialisation and research stays abroad

  • 1974 BAYER , Leverkusen. Germany


  • https://bib.irb.hr/

 Area of special research interest

  • Dye Chemistry, Natural Dyes, New Dyes,
  • Printing/Dyeing Technologies, Color measurement,
  • textile dyeing and printing, investigating rheological characteristics
  • of thickener/dyestuff or pigment system,
  • waste water, UV protected, Color Science, Color and Trademark,
  • environmentally friendly processes.

 Scientific-professional work

  • https://bib.irb.hr/

 List of key scientific papers

  • https://bib.irb.hr/

 University textbooks and other books

  • https://bib.irb.hr/

 Projects (chief researcher)

  • ”Application of Fuzzy Logic in Dyeing Processes and Color Management” (0117004),
  • “Colour and Dyestuff in Processes of Ecologically acceptable of sustainable development “(1171419-1401),
  • and bilateral Slovenia/Croatia “UV protected of Textile”. ).

 Projects (collaborator)

  • 2-14-036 "Domaće vune-fizička, kemijska i bojadisarska svojstva,
  • 1991-1995
  •  "Ekološki povoljni procesi oplemenjivanja i kvaliteta tekstila-(117002)

 Work in scientific and professional associations

  • Membership in Associations: Croatian HATZ, Matrix Croatica, Slovenian Colorists association,
  • Croatian Society of Textile engineers,
  • Croatian Society of Chemistry;
  • The Society of Dyers and Colorists- Bradford UK. Avowals:
  • SITTH and Journal “Tekstil” charters, Letter of thanks of Journal “Tekstil” (2002)
  • The Society of Colorists-Slovenia

Ph. D. Đurđica Parac-Osterman, Prof. Emeritus