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Franka Karin, mag. ing. techn. text, assistant


Department of Textile and Clothing Design

Personal information

Date and place of birth: 18.05.1986; Zagreb

Academic education

2006-2009. baccalaure, textile and fashion design engineer, fashion design, Faculty of Textile Technology, Zagreb

2009-2012. master of engineering in Textile Technology and Engineering, Department of Industrial Clothing Design, Faculty of Textile Technology, Zagreb

2017.  Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, Textile Science and Technology, doc.dr.sc. Irena Šabarić

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MBZ: 372413

Sequence of employment and profession

2016. - Faculty of Textile Technology - Assistant

Teaching activity

Exercises at the undergraduate study:

Elements of clothing design

Elements of clothing design II

Elements of clothing design III

Clothing design I

Exercises at the graduate study:

Clothing design II

Clothing design III

Clothing design IV

Clothing design V

Scientific activity

Scientific field: Technical sciences
Scientific field: Textile technology
Scientific branch: Textile and clothing design

Area of special scientific interest

Sustainable fashion

List of the most important scientific papers

Kovačević, Stana; Brnada, Snježana; Šabarić, Irena; Karin, Franka; Limitations of the CAD-CAM System in the Process of Weaving // AUTEX research journal (2020) doi:10.2478/aut-2019-0077




Franka Karin, mag. ing. techn. text, assistant