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B. Sc. Katia Grgić Katia Grgić, Expert associate


Department of Textile Chemistry and Ecology

 Personal data

  • Date of birth: 28.10.1978.
  • Place of birt: Dubrovnik
  • Place of living: Zagreb

 Web links

  • https://bib.irb.hr/lista-radova?autor=320031&lang=EN

 Academic education

  • 2006. - Graduated engineer - textile technology

 Employment and titles

  • University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology, March 2009. – today, Expert associate
  • University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology, 2015. – 2019., Occupational Safety and Health Expert
  • L\\\'OREAL ADRIA d.o.o. , Zagreb, August 2008. – March 2009., Procurement manager
  • Dorateks d.o.o. , Zagreb, March 2007. – June 2008., Technologist
  • Trade school Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, September – November 2006., Teacher

Workshops / Training

  • 1st workshop of the FP7 project SMILES, Radionica FP7 – SMILES – TTF, Zaton, 25.-26. 9. 2009.
  • Anton Paar Rheometer Training course, Zagreb, 27. 5. 2015
  • Certificate of passing the general part of the professional exam for occupational safety experts,  Republic of Croatia Minister of LabourPension Systema, 6.7.2016.
  • Workshop on energy dispersive spectrometry (SEM-EDS), Mikrolux d.o.o., Zagreb, 31.8.-1.9.2016.
  • Participant in the educational workshop "European Enterprise Network", organized by European agency for Safety and Health at Work, Institute for the Improvement of Occupational Safety and Health and the Ministry of Labor, Pension System in Zagrebu, 11.10.2016
  • Certificate of passing a special part of the professional exam for an occupational safety expert, Republic of Croatia Minister of LabourPension Systema, 4.11.2016
  • Certificate of acquired andragogical knowledge, Institution for adult education, ZIRS school in Zagrebu , 28.12.2016.
  • Microwave Digestion Seminar, Asolutic, Zagreb, 14.3.2017.
  • Workshop for doctoral students at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology: Zagreb, 20.5.2017.

  • Anton Paar GmbH, Microwave extraction and digestion, I level, Zagreb, 7.11.2017.

  • Anton Paar GmbH, Microwave extraction and digestion, II level, Graz, 4.12.2018.

  • Sustainable Textile School 2018, Chemnitz, Germany 9.9.2018.

  • Study training, CEEPUS network, Univerza v Mariboru Fakulteta za strojništvo, 6.5. – 31.5.2019.

  • SDL ATLAS Training Course, Moisture Management Tester, 31.12.2018.

  • Shimadzu, UV-2600 hardware, maintenance and trouhooting, LabSolutions UV-VIS software with UPF option, 2.10.2020.

  • Electrolux Professional, Lagoon Advanced, basic training proficient in the lagoon, 17.11. 2020.

 Scientific-professional work

  • Chapter in the book (1)
  • Scientific paper published in other journals (11)
  • Nonscientific papers published in other journals (2)
  • Scientific papers published in International Conference Proceedings (11)
  • Reviews published in Conference Proceedings (6)

 List of key scientific papers

 Projects (collaborator)

  • KK. Design of Advanced Biocomposites from Sustainable Energy Sources, ESIF (BIOKOMPOZITI),Project coordinator : Prof. Sandra Bischof, Ph.D, (20.12.2019. - 20.12.2022.)
  • HRZZ UIP-05-2019-8780, HPROTEX: Hospital Protective Textiles, ,Project coordinator: Associate Professor S. Flinčec Grgac, Ph.D, (15.3.2018.- 14.3.2023.)
  • Bilateral scientific research project within the joint Croatian-Serbian cooperation: Bio-innovated polyesters, Project coordinator : Associate Professor A. Tarbuk, Ph.D, (1.5.2019-30.4.2021.)
  • KK.  Modernisation of Textile Science Research Centre infrastructure (MI-TSRC), – Project Manager and head : Prof. Sandra Bischof, Ph.D, 16.5.2018. – 16.3.2021., http://mi-tsrc.ttf.unizg.hr/tim/
  • FP7-SME-2-217809: SMILES ‘SUSTAINABLE MEASURES for INDUSTRIAL LAUNDRY EXPANSION STRATEGIES: SMART LAUNDRY-2015’. EC, 1st September, 2008 -1st September, 2011, Coordinator: Belgian Federation for Textile Care; Partner: University of Zagreb, faculty of Textile Technology, Coordinator: T. Pušić
  • E! 5785 FLAMEBLEND, Improvement in the flame retardant properties of cotton and wool blends, 30.06.2010-30.06.2013, Project coordinator: Irena Petrinić, University of Maribor, HR Coordinators: Tanja Pušić & Sandra Bischof Vukušić
  • POC4_08_24 (2012-2013): Development laundry boosters based on sodium dithionite, project with Company DiWagner d.o.o.; coordinator in front of Faculty of Textile Technology: T. Pušić

B. Sc. Katia Grgić Katia Grgić, Expert associate